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It's a Wonderful What if I Have a Kid Someday And They Turn Out to Be A Serial Killer READ MORE

Reasons Why You're Single

You're probably single because men find you so intimidating, you know, because of the way you aren't afraid to speak your mind and the way you bathe in the blood of virgins. READ MORE

Our Favorite Oscar Looks

Oscar looks after the jump. READ MORE

When I read about the woman who knit a scarf using gummy candy, I immediately took off my own non-edible scarf, threw it in the trash, lit the trash can on fire, and flushed the ashes down the toilet.

MAD LIBS: Indie Female Musician Album Review Edition

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Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: The Orange Eats Creeps

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Haley is still away reuniting with her estranged twin brother, Todd, but we're coping without her, I guess. One thing that's been keeping me occupied: THEESatisfaction's new album, EarthEE, available to stream here. Allegedly this duo is from Seattle, but their music sounds like outer space. Listen to it as you fall asleep tonight and drift off into another world.

"I'm Not the Type of Girl to Kiss a Boy on the First Crime."

Lesley Gore, the singer-songwriter behind "It's My Party," passed away today at the age of 68. Autostraddle has a pretty good rundown of Gore's LBGT advocacy and feminism. She also appeared on an episode of Batman in 1966 as Catwoman's singing henchwoman, Pussycat.

Which Freaky James Spader Character are you?