The Best Time I Went To E.R. Without Insurance While Attending A Conference Inspired By A Facebook Group I Started

The National Geographic has a piece on how swarming bats avoid crashing into each other: READ MORE

A Post About Books, Sort Of

I am completely charmed by Uncovered Classics, a project by writer and designer Amy Collier to celebrate 20th century novels by women. (The project was created in response to Modern Library's dude heavy list on the same topic.) Uncovered Classics both revisits and rediscovers old titles as kind of an ongoing book club, and Collier is recruiting different artists to design new covers, because let's be real, that's the best way to judge a book. READ MORE

A Poem That I Can Also Say In Dutch Based on Phrases I Learned In Duolingo

Hello, shoes! READ MORE

How I Keep My Plain Brown Hair Healthy

For Kim, in case she ever wants to go back to her natural color. READ MORE

"The Offing" is Here

The Offing, a literary magazine offshoot of the Los Angeles Review of Books, launched on Monday, which means it's already a million years old in internet years, but it is brand new to me because I spent the first two days of this week refusing to read anything that wasn't about The Jinx. The Offing is not about The Jinx, but it seems pretty neat regardless. There is poetry by Eileen Myles and Molly Ringwald is on the advisory board.

Do you ever have one of those days where you try to be a functioning adult who follows the news but then realize you've spent the last hour of your life reading about whether or not it should be A Deal that Hillary Clinton used her personal e-mail account for business reasons and then think, "God, human beings are so exhausting?" Anyway, here is something short over at National Geographic about how chameleons use little crystals embedded in their skin to change color.

The Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: White Girls

In last week's open thread, esteemed blogress Jazmine Hughes said, and I quote, "I've got White Girls by Hilton Als on my nightstand just WAITING for me." AND THEN, in the comments, esteemed commentress isabelle bleu said, and I continue to quote, "I've got White Girls on my nightstand too, just awaiting the requisite couple of hours to dive in and get a good head start on the book. Anyone else reading this? I do so love a Read-Along!" AND THEN, I looked to my very own nightstand, and I realized I also had a copy of White Girls sitting there, calling out, and I quote, "Read me, Anna! I'm waiting for you!" READ MORE

Tinder Bios

"lol just here to see what this Tinder thing is all about." READ MORE

Raina Douris, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?