On Troy Patterson Likes Martinis, For Now

I remember something kind of like a Tournament of Tournaments, pitting blogs who do bracket matchups during March Madness against each other! No idea who did it, I only remember that Fug Madness (my personal fave) won out.

ETA: Here it is!

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@yeah-elle Glue Rebel? GL you are BL? (not that i know what THAT means.) glurrrrrrrrrrrrblllll? maybe they meant to say "gurbl" like "gerbil" because they really love gerbils but it was taken?

GREAT, now it is haunting me too.

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On A Guide to Victorian Slang

I love the random stories in the definitions that sometimes don't even use the word!

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On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

@Hot Doom Also all of Gilbert's ignored and spurned texts will be amazing! And you just know Anne texts back such lengthy texts that they have to be broken up into four texts. I am so excited for Texts from AoGG.

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On Tuesday's Heartening Valentine's Tale

@PatatasBravas Seriously. Thank goodness for that artist for finally giving this poor woman a dignified sendoff.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee @wharrgarbl These are both great ideas (ps Hi Pin Pal! I'm writing you back today!) I might combine both--we have a cutesy inside joke way of dropping the L bomb, so I think I might do some kind of thing with that in the center and then surround it with fancy love affair letters.. Maybe with highlighted parts where that's how I feel about him?!

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On Friday Open Thread

Ok, I need some V-Day ideas to do for the bf. I don't really want to do a gift, just something... nice. We're not at the scrapbooking/etc cheeseball phase, since it's only been a few months. I was kind of thinking writing him a love letter? He made a comment during a movie once which is why I'm thinking of that (and even mailing it, even though he lives like two seconds from me.) But I've never written a love letter, even during my cheeseball high school days. Anyone have ideas? Examples? Is this super lame?

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On Friday Open Thread

@funfetti Also, The Magnificent Ambersons. I love me a flawed protagonist.

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On Friday Open Thread

@schrodingers_cat Yes! I really love how the series has expanded so many of the tertiary characters. I want more Fitz and Bing in my life.

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On Friday Open Thread

@phipsi I love valentine's day so much even when I'm not all coupled up, but I'm especially excited this year bc I'm dating a dreamboat right now. I've never been out anywhere fancy for V Day, but the dreamboat hates going out on V-day, so... we'll prob cook dinner at home and maybe just dress up and go out for cocktails?

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