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On Friday Open Thread

@Amphora which museum??

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Thursday I'm definitely bumming around with a friend (mostly the Art Institute and other art-related bits). Friday she may have to leave to go home, so that's a bit up in the air right now/more open? I could maybe meet you during your lunch hour, if you are working? Pop me an email and I'll keep you posted as to what is developing.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Ha ha, that's the one day I will have something definitely on the go with other friends!

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On Friday Open Thread

Washington DC & Chicago pinners!
I am coming to your cities in early October - DC is Oct 2-9, Chicago 9-13. If you would like to try to meet up, even just for tea, I'd be glad to see you! I think the best option might be if you email me, I am on the gmails at tindomiel, and then we can try to figure out if something will work. :-)
I'm excited! I've never traveled this far east in the US before, so this is all new!

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On Friday Open Thread

@victorian rose Hard to say! She had a few minutes to pick something out for the adoption forms so she just 'grabbed' a name that was to hand (my aunt's name; my aunt is her bff). So if she'd had a bit more contemplation time, she might have picked something else, and potentially I would've been more content with it? I don't know. It's possible I still would've been antsy about it and tried to change it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@victorian rose Hm. A point value seems like a reasonable way to address it. Culture J would have been the dominant culture for many years, let us say 75% at the start, but now it would be more along the lines of 40%. Culture B is probably in the 25%ish range nowadays.

@SarahP - working it out 'out loud', so to speak, I like the sound of it, and the look of it, and the meaning, and the fact that in culture B it is used for both sexes. The spelling in culture C is not as appealing.

@lemonadefish - it's not terribly far off my current legal name, and to the listener it wouldn't seem a complete disconnect. I've been introducing myself to (some) brand new people under the new name and while it feels weird (30+ years of being called one thing is hard to shake), it doesn't feel misfit-y.

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On Friday Open Thread

I have a long question so you can skip it if you want.

I am a person of what we will call culture J. I got a name at birth that wasn't necessarily what my mom would've picked out, given a bit more time, and so I've wanted to change it for eons. I think I've finally settled on a group of names (first, middle, and last). The catch is that the first name is from culture B. It also sounds a lot like a name from culture J (but spelled differently), and one from culture C, and a word in culture D.

I've asked several women in culture B how they would feel if a person from culture J took this name - would it be weird, or appropriative, would they be mad, etc. This may be generational, as most of them were young women in their 20s, but they said they'd have no problem with it, as long as I wasn't trying to convince myself that I magically am culture B.

I've waited some extra time just to be sure, as I try hard not to appropriate things from other cultures, just gain appreciations for them. I'm still sitting on the fence about it, and I can't tell if I'm being the right amount of cautious, overly cautious, or if my subconscious is saying something about how I know it's wrong deep-down. :-/ Thoughts, wise 'pinfolk?

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I'm sorry I've been so terrible, everyone...personal life has been intruding a lot and taking over my time. :-/

submission page http://pinpets.tumblr.com/submit

If one of you wants to take over management of it I would not be at all offended - I had every intention of being a good curator but I might be falling down on the job.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee I don't know if they'd be qualified, but I know someone looking for work in Chicago, so if you could send me any details I'd love to pass them along in case. tindomiel at the gmails.

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