On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@Flaccido Domingo Thank you. How does the author know what it feels like to be a boy in this society? How does she know it's MORE difficult to be a girl? Why are we even rating the difficulties of different genders?

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@special_boots For real. Listen, I know the risks of not wearing a helmet. If I get in an accident (with a car) I'm at a greater risk of a head injury not wearing a helmet. The pleasure of not wearing a helmet greatly outweighs this risk. FOR ME. Maybe not for other people. But me not wearing a helmet has no bearing on anyone else's safety.
Know what else keeps you safe on a bike? Not riding on busy streets, bike lane or no--sticking to bike paths, and avoiding cars at all costs. A helmet is not a magical talisman that will protect you from all injury.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler I won't either and it's nobody's business, especially a stranger's. I don't have to defend it. It's my head. End of story.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@shesaidshesaid Amen, sister! PREACH. Avoid cars. Ride on quiet streets. Ride on bike paths.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@yunkstahn Depends on where you live. Sidewalks in my town are not populated with pedestrians, and riding on a sidewalk is much more safe than riding on a busy street. Of course, riding on quiet suburban streets is even safer.
The safest thing that you can do is avoid cars, helmet or no.

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@Gulf of Finland It seems like a specific spectrum of white people too. Like peachy-cream and all it's variants. Just kind of narrow.

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@Tuna Surprise I came down here to say the same thing! I don't see any freckles, actually. My freckles were a source of angst for me growing up, just now accepting them. Would love to see the color projected by other other heavily freckled people.

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On George Saunders to the Class of 2013: "Err in the Direction of Kindness"

I guess I need to read George Saunders again. It's been about ten years, but all I remember thinking was how snarky and mean-spirited his stories were. Does anyone else feel this way?
Maybe it was just a reaction to the guy who gave me the stories, and said "this is how you should be writing" ... So, I started off wanting to hate the stories.
Anyway, going to revisit with an open mind.

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On "A Stripper’s Guide to the Modern American Boomtown"

@LaLoba The novelty of an experience isn't the only reason to write about an experience. Write it! I'm sure you have a different, and interesting, perspective.

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On Thank You So Much For Being With Me Tonight to Celebrate My Twenty-Five-And-Twelve-Month Birthday

Haha. I remember feeling this way.
If there was one thing I wish I could go back and tell my 26 year old self it's to stop worrying so much. It will work out, seriously. As long as you're not a complete asshole / lazy ass. You don't have to DO anything except pay your bills and stay healthy. Relax.
Actually I think my mom told me this exact thing and I freaked out on her. I guess I wanted to hold on to some sort of angst.

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