On The Health Care Pie

@steponitvelma In my state subsidies start at 28K. I make 30K. Of course I've checked out the exchange! That is where I got the rate from.
I love the reforms and support them. But the fact is, insurance is still unaffordable for a lot of us in the middle income brackets. If you don't qualify for subsidies you are screwed. Check out your own state's exchange and type in your salary and age and see how expensive insurance plans are. If you've never had to buy your own insurance, it may shock you. It's crazy expensive, still.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@chickpeas akimbo Hm. Maybe we can't divide the male characters into categories because they are all pretty boring (except for Tyrion!)? That series was always about the female characters for me. They are much more dynamic and interesting.
But maybe we can divide them into groups because society is forcing them to choose sides: survive by being totally tough / rebellious or survive by being totally subservient / subversive.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@sarahspy Oh god! I loved that book. It's really fucking great.

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On When a Man Writes a Woman

@queenofbithynia Your comment confuses me. You don't pay attention to your surroundings? Huh? I guess Leon's comment about that only being a priority for women was a little confusing to me, too. I just generally think it's a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, and what's going on, whether or not you're a man or a woman. Because PEOPLE get mugged, and shit.

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On Estate Jewelry: The Original Burning Man and A Ring For the Birds

The parrot bracelet! I thought for sure it would be an Arts and Crafts, circa 1900, piece. But no! It's from the 70s? God, it's gorgeous. Now, this is the kind of piece I would wear to the Oscars, with a very simple gown.

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On What If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Merely a Mirror of Our Own Obnoxiousness?

@dracula's ghost "Any time you are worrying about your acne or that text some boy sent you instead of dying in a refugee camp you're exercising a level of privilege pretty much un-glimpsed by the vast majority of humans who have ever lived on this earth!!! "
Hyperbole and guilt do not help people dying in refugee camps.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@sox Yeah, I agree with you. A lot of us on here have tried cocaine, or even used it 10-15 times. I didn't like it much, personally. Whatever. I've got friends who do it once or twice a year.
There is a difference between a drug experiment, occasional recreational drug use, drug abuse and drug addiction. Just like there is a difference between trying beer once and getting drunk every day.

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On Saying Sorry Is a Pretty-Girl Trick

@Flaccido Domingo Thank you. How does the author know what it feels like to be a boy in this society? How does she know it's MORE difficult to be a girl? Why are we even rating the difficulties of different genders?

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@special_boots For real. Listen, I know the risks of not wearing a helmet. If I get in an accident (with a car) I'm at a greater risk of a head injury not wearing a helmet. The pleasure of not wearing a helmet greatly outweighs this risk. FOR ME. Maybe not for other people. But me not wearing a helmet has no bearing on anyone else's safety.
Know what else keeps you safe on a bike? Not riding on busy streets, bike lane or no--sticking to bike paths, and avoiding cars at all costs. A helmet is not a magical talisman that will protect you from all injury.

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@Judith Slutler I won't either and it's nobody's business, especially a stranger's. I don't have to defend it. It's my head. End of story.

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