On If We Survive October We Can Have a Doomsday Sleepover Party in 2014

Susan's horoscope for this month was generally awful. However, October just happens to be my birth month and I refuse to let her predictions get me down. So far everything has been okay but I hope I can make it to the end of the month unscathed.

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On Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@iceberg Yeah, I'm a grudge holder and if my dad ever behaved like that I would have a hard time letting him be a part of my life in any capacity. I think LW#3 has a very good reason not to want to be around her dad.

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On Recipes

First off, I love this series! Secondly, this has made me realize that up until I took over all the holiday cooking, almost all of our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners involved a lot of packaged food, although really I can't blame my mom for being super busy and also the food has always tasted good anyway.

I know that we have a lot of my great-grandmother's recipes lying around somewhere and I really want to try them out but I am a bit intimidated because she was such an expert at baking and cooking. Either way, I'm still going to type out all of the recipes so that I always have a copy of them.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@thenotestaken I'm going to assume that there isn't any because it's a small magazine that only comes out twice a year (I think). But if they do have free booze I will be sure to have some!

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@Ophelia I always remember it as airing around halfway through December. I don't know, airing it in November just seems wrong.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@glitterary You can do it! It's pretty easy if you have a can of pure pumpkin.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! I may not be American but I am currently enjoying the parade and I can't wait for the dog show afterward.

What is everyone doing this weekend? I am going to a magazine party on Saturday and it's supposed to be a good time!

Also I am now in the process of marking down the dates and times of all upcoming Christmas specials on my calendar. Why is ABC showing a Charlie Brown Christmas in November?!

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@gobblegirl I'm Canadian and I've always been confused by the sweet potatoes with marshmallows thing. However, for a few years I made a green bean casserole at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But since then I've switched to sauteed green beans with bacon and almond slivers.

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On The Last Twinkie

@swirrlygrrl Oh thank god! I was all set to head to the nearest Loblaws and stock up on the cupcakes.

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On Sympathy for Liz

@Is It a Hat? I always thought that too! I was always watching old episodes of I Love Lucy and I knew that the show was from the 50s and that my mom was born in 1951. I figured that if she grew up in that time that obviously she grew up in a world without colour.

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