On Bless Us, Every One

@lovelettersinhell I still get annoyed when people call me Mrs. Hisname Hisname. It makes me feel creepily assimilated into the husband-borg instead of the equal partners I believe is to be. A friend recently sent her wedding invites to "Mrs. and Mr. Myfirst name Mylastname" b/c she knows it's a thing for me. I loved loved loved seeing the tables turned for once :D

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On What Happens When [Partner A] Says 'More' and [Partner B] Says 'No'

@karenb I don't even like making small talk with my bartender. And I LOVE my bartender. I hate this stupid stereotype b/c it means MFers assume I wanna be conversational all the time when I'm really like "GO AWAY. READING."

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On When to Tell Someone They Might Be Gross

@Slapfight And then they want to go down on you. Horrors. (seriously, that made me shudder involuntarily).

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On Seriously Primo Stuff

@Probs OMG I love it. My fav on craigslist lately - every moron that thinks their hideous ancient button-tuft couch is an "authentic vintage chesterfield" worth thousands:


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On A Cheap and Colourful Meal for Four, With Leftovers

I had no idea I was such a cultural purist in cooking, but for some reason I can't deal with salsa AND feta in the same dish. I'd either do a tapenade/olive salad in place of the salsa, or I'd use cojita cheese in place of the feta. Weird- I had NO IDEA I had that bias until just now!

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On A Perfect Meal for Two

@thebestjasmine Also, remove the foot! Scallops often have a tough little muscle clinging to the side of them. Peel this off beforehand and either 1) feed them to your dog or 2) cook them in the butter after the actual scallops are done and then nom them down (giving one to your dog still, of course).

Also, aside from drying, a trick with non-dry scallops is to layer some paper towels on a plate, then place scallops on towels, then put more paper towels on top, and then put something sort of heavy on top of all that. Change paper towels a few times over the course of 24 hours. This will get some of the moisture out of them, so you won't ruin your nice, crisp scallop crust.

Although personally, I can never get wet scallops to behave exactly right, so I only use them in cioppino or chopped up for seafood tacos. but that's just me.

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

This article is making me feel weird, b/c I think I just decided this weekend that I want kids (after many, many years of being like "no no no" and then 100% ambivalent). DAMMIT INTERNET.

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On The Top 10 Things My Accountant Said While Preparing My Taxes

This reminds me of the first time I put in a mortgage application. The bank rep called me and told me the application was denied. I asked why, and her answer was: "Well...could you make more money? Because if you made more money, we could probably approve this application at a later time."

I realized that all my financial troubles were over. It was so simple! Why didn't I just make more money? GENIUS.

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On Office Personas of Note

@Probs The "office fish microwaver" will be known as the "office dead body" if they come to my office...(cracks knuckles menacingly)

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@Jinxie I think it's weird the Awl gets so few comments! They have great posts - where's the Hairpin-esque commentariat love?

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