On Assumptions

@rimy My ex was like this..... it was kind of endearing at first but it got old and pointed to his whole negative attitude towards life & us in general. And as I have already referred to him as an "ex" I think you know how this turned out....

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On The Ghosting of Ghost

@iknowright That hit way too close to home. :-(

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

Roma is my favvvvvvorite city and the perfect place to honeymoon (my niece is there now for hers).
And I kinda love the graffiti because 1)even the ancient Romans did it! There is ancient graffiti on a lot of old ruins - Pompeii is the best for this.) and 2)as a die hard Romanista (fan of the local football club AS Roma)I took tons of pictures of football-related graffiti all over the city. I especially enjoyed all the anti-Lazio scribblings (our city rivals who are evil).

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

@HeyMatilda Trastevere is the best! (And I'd be there too if I could get a job legally & easily!)

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On A Salem-Lover's Tourism Guide

I've only been to Salem once and it was only a day trip from Boston but I looooooved and am ready to buy a house & move there & get a black kitty & live happily ever after.
We basically wandered the town, went to a few witchy stores & the house of the seven gables but no museums;we did go to the memorial for the women & men who were killed during the trials. That was extremely moving (I might have got dust in my eye) and terrifying because it lists each way the accused was killed. *shudders*

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On Garnish With Seeds

@Biketastrophy My sister just told me she had marshmallow vodka and couldn't understand why I was not excited about it. :-(

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On Estate Jewelry: (Partial) Maritime Edition

OMG I should have not clicked that Cartier link to THOSE PEARLS. WAAAAAAAAANT.

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On Friday Open Thread

Ladies, WEDDING FLOWERS. Help me, please.
So I am making my niece's wedding bouquet in a few weeks. I have never made one before. She asked me because I have been studying ikebana (japanese flower arranging, see my pinterest for examples http://pinterest.com/romastrega/ikebana/) for about 4 years and as her wedding is non-traditional she liked the idea of an ikebana-inspired bouquet.
So for those of you who have done your own flowers, is this going to be hard? Did you take a class? (My local community college has a 7 hour class this Sunday but I really don't think I need it.) Anyone have any recommended youtube instructional videos? Any tips?

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On Another Reason to Hide Under Dan Stevens' Bed

@Lucienne I kinda loved it; I found myself racing towards the end to see what happened even though I damn well knew what happened considering I've read a billion books about the Tudors.

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On Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

@hulia Viking God. Seriously.

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