On Cheese for Girls

But where is the cheese for the ladies who want more fat put in? Like...is there an extra fat cheese? Where do they put the fat they take out of the low fat cheese?

It kills me that fat has plenty of good nutritional qualities, and frequently accounts for flavor, but when it is removed, they have to make up for the flavor deficiency by adding salt and sugar...which is not healthy. I hate that companies are still shilling 'low-fat' junk as if it was a healthier option.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@Absurd Bird And if someone could please invent stain/bleach proof cloth, that would be great, please and thank you. I have ruined so much of my clothing :(

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

Yeah, as a fat person, I'm just lucky to find clothes that fit, are somewhat comfortable, and don't make me look ridiculous. I will invest in ethical fashion when ethical fashion actually accommodates my body shape/size.

You'd think that with the 'obesity epidemic' there would be plenty of plus sized clothes at thrift shops, but I'm guessing there isn't, because if other plus sized people are like me, the only clothes that fit are the cheaply made/low quality stuff that just gets worn to shreds.

I would love to see a fashion industry revolution, where bodies of all types were considered, ethically made clothes were focused on, and instead of a constantly evolving 'what's in vs. what's out' mentality, clothes were made to help people develop a permanent wardrobe that reflected their individual style. I'd love to have a closet full of good quality clothes that would last longer than a year, classic styles and basics that were different enough to reflect my own personal aesthetic.

I really just need to learn to make my own clothes.

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On Is Great-Grandma R. Kelly?!

I want to be a drunk elderly person.

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On A Very American Open Thread

@iceberg I'm so late to the table on this, but I couldn't help wanting to add my name to the internet strangers who are sending you mental support.

And this is just my opinion, so worth about as much as I charge to give it, but I don't know that it's such a bad thing to have a parent get angry sometimes. People get angry, and then they calm down, and forgive, and maybe it's okay to learn about that happening? Sometimes I don't think I deal well with people being angry at me, and maybe that's because my dad took his anger too far, and let it become abusive, but maybe showing anger with restraint is a normal part of learning to interact with other humans?

And I don't know if this is comforting or not, but I read an article by an economist, and it basically said that by looking at the numbers, in the end, kids just turn out to who they were always going to be, and parents don't really need to turn themselves inside out over trying to raise perfect people, because it's sort of predetermined? Which I find comforting because perfection is hard to live up to, for being a parent or being a kid.

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On A Very American Open Thread

What food/booze pairs best with the feeling that you live in a world that constantly requires you to prove your value in a concrete, proof on paper, kind of way, and you constantly come up short? Which is basically a wordy version of saying I constantly feel worthless, like a waste of space/resources, completely useless, and generally awful.

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On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet

Huh, I had the '72 version apparently. And I always wanted to be Miss Scarlet.

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On Friday Open Thread

Shit. This thing has been bothering me for all the obvious reasons of how wrong it is, as has been stated. I though it was intellectually awful. Only, I've just sort of realized that this HAS happened to me. Where I tried to be nice about saying no, without having to say "NO". Because I was raised to be nice, polite, to not hurt feelings. Luckily I escaped that situation pretty quickly, but I now understand why I felt so gross and unnerved. I had already tried to turn this guy down, but he kept pushing for more. And when he kissed me, I knew I didn't want it, but heard the thought in my head "maybe I should just let it happen". I eventually pulled away, and made my escape, but for the longest time I felt guilty for not saying no more clearly. I felt so icky about the whole situation for days afterwards, and I couldn't pinpoint why at first. When I realized that I should have been more firm with no, that I shouldn't have let it escalate, and I promised myself to not let it happen again. Not to just let someone have access to my body, access that I didn't want to give, but didn't resist because I felt like I should.

I was in therapy at the time, and when I told my therapist about it, and she said she thought he was a bit of a predator, and I only know understand what that means. At the time I thought he was just a shy, kind of socially clueless guy, who just didn't understand my disinterest. It's seems so obvious now how differently we can feel interpret a situation. How women can feel like we are saying no, and how the men can willfully (or not) misunderstand what that means. Encouraging someone to push past the no, any kind of no, is dangerous, and terrifying. We should be teaching them how to identify the no, so they can move on to someone who wants to say yes!

Sorry for the late night overshare...I guess I had sort of buried that memory.

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none of that information was actually 'news'.

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On Can't Spell Truth Without Ruth

Wait, all they have to do is come up with a map that shows where racial discrimination exists in the U.S.?

Easy, just use any map showing the current borders of the U.S.


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