By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

As for me, these days, I read only Bustle.

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By stuffisthings on Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@crocuta uh somebody obviously hasn't tried the all-proton diet. I don't know if atoms and molecules are bad for you per se but I just know that after a big bowl of protons, I feel really positive.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Justin Timberlake, "Take Back the Night" (...)

Take Back Take Back the Night! Let's take back the phrase from those buzzkill ladies let's take back the party culture that has disappeared in America let's take back being young let's take back my personal relevance oh god how can i get back to when i was really popular and making memorable music

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By Girl Named Jack on A Very American Open Thread

@Girl Named Jack Oh, good God, did I comment first, with a lame joke about Albany, no less? Eeep! {runs and hides}

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By J Walter Weatherman on Friday Open Thread

I just had an abortion, and it was harder than I thought it would be, but it was definitely the right decision.

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By melis on Friday Open Thread

Yeah, that was intense! Some of my more measured, serious responses are on storify here: storify.com/amirightfolks/non-verbal-no-s-and-sex-as-conquest (a ton of other great geniuses on Twitter have done a fantastic job articulating further what's so pernicious and deadly about techniques like this), but by the end of the week I was all serious'ed out and was just like, hey, let's apply PUA tactics to ordering sandwiches and then go hang out with my grandma.

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By Cat named Virtute on Friday Open Thread

@hallelujah Yeah, this was basically the main thing I had to bring to this week's open thread too. It was incredible to me how neither of them could grasp that they were not achieving the conversation that they were purporting to want, at allllll.

My coworker made a jokey remark about women being difficult to understand this week, and I told him that women are in fact not at all hard to understand when you realize that they are exactly like men, but with a long history of being treated differently. He was very quiet after that.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

So, Hairpin. About 100 days ago, I donated some stem cells to my dad to combat his stage-4 lymphoma. Since then, we've just been waiting to see how things would go. Well, the 100 Day Later scans show no evidence of cancer in his marrow, nor in the rest of his body.

My dad is coming home cancer free.

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By theinvisiblecunt on Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

I'm sorry, I'm being pretty mean but basically what I am saying is that I wouldn't care if the Civil Rights Act was passed because of civil disobedience or because the Black Panthers found and stabbed every racist in congress because sometimes, results mean more than procedure.

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By theinvisiblecunt on Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

Nah nope I find it inspiring and awesome that women in Texas have not had their access to abortion further restricted, and I find it inspiring and awesome to see democratic elected officials fighting for my rights exactly as hard as the other side fights to erode them.

edit: I do understand how, for a man, the airy philosophical side of this battle--which is essentially built on sand because one side will regularly ignore its supposed honor at every possible opportunity to do so and gain a political victory--is just as important as the part that significantly affects real women's lives, though.

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