On The Agony and the Ecstasy of Having a Mother

I just had a miscarriage, and my mom flew out to Chicago from California to hold my hand at the hospital and cook Guatemalan comfort food for me and my husband. We bought a vintage spice rack at a yard sale a couple of days after the D&C and painted all the lids of the glass bottles turquoise, then painted the spice names on them in Spanish (cardamom=grana del paraiso). I cried like a baby when her week-long visit was up. Being an only child of a single mom can be a special kind of poignant.

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On "Don't Wanna Know," Cheyenne Jackson

I did a show with Cheyenne about 10 years ago, before he moved to NYC. He is absolutely stunning in person, and a kind, generous, humble and all-around delightful human being to boot. It gives me such joy to see him so successful and loved by so many.

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On Dating Myself

This was lovely. Thank you.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Rita Hayworth, Tragic Princess

@itmakesmewonder Glad you posted this... I was gonna say! No Stephen King fan, are ya Anne Helen? ;)

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On Be Less Crazy About Your Body ... For the Children

@WaityKatie Worry not. I've always done whatever the damn hell I pleased, and I'm happily married. To a dude. Yeah. So... do whatever the damn hell you please. It works. I promise.

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