On There Might Be a Pill For That

@JessicaLovejoy I can't help but think that was the effect he was going for. I am also suspicious of men with cute dogs.

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On "Halo," LP

That was exquisite from start to finish. I feel like I've gone from zero to rabid fan in one minute. thank you!

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On All the Songs Featured on the Soundtrack of the 1982 Film Adaptation of "Annie," Discussed

@Bittersweet I am tearing up just thinking about it. My daughter will be doing music theater camp again this summer (at the ripe old age of 6) and they are doing Annie. I was Pepper as a 13 year old. Life comes full circle! ANNIE FOREVER!

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On The New SAHM

@Poubelle And how can she walk away from her career at the drop of a hat unless someone (presumably a wealthy husband)is taking care of her? flaming liberal feminist, indeed.

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On The New SAHM

@Chills don't forget the Converse sneakers!

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On The New SAHM

@heyladies I will also add that I have a friend who is a mom of 3 and had to stay home for a couple years and is now returning to work and is THRILLED. and every mom I know who stays home keeps her mind happy with other work and outlets of some form. Not by serving her husband.

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On The New SAHM

@parallel-lines As a mother of 2 who works full time and is married to a husband who teaches 4th grade I take issue with everything in this (actually I couldn't get beyond the first page because I have no desire to know anything more about this woman's positions). If this is a movement, fuck this movement.

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On An Interview With a Mom of Triplets

@TheBelleWitch My second is 11 months old and I will say there are so, so many wonderful things about the early baby stage that I really was able to appreciate the second time around (my first is 6--both girls). Newborn babies sleep a lot. As the recovering mom, feel free to join them! Also, they are easy to take pretty much anywhere and they love snuggling with you all the time. Should you ever need to hand off the baby, you will have about 1000 willing takers. They get chubbier and more adorable as time goes on. They start crawling, and responding to you and make the most ridiculously adorable laughs when you blow on their bellies (which you will want to do as often as possible). Later, playing peekaboo or pretending to sneeze an object off your head will elicit the same delighted laughter. And you and your husband will experience these moments and delights together (and so many more!) and you will feel like the luckiest people on the planet.

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On That Baby Wants to Break You Up

thank you for this. I am laugh-crying at my desk. I would combine those words in some sort of hilarious fashion but I was up all night with a teething infant last night and have no clever brainpower left. This is baby #2 for me (my first girl is 6) so I'm able to weather it all with a little less manic panic but the sleep deprivation and frayed nerves and inability to just chill the f out are tough. you've got it all right by the way.

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On Friday Item Receptacle

@calamity oh, I think you can be pretty sure that Whole Foods carries goat milk.

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