On Other Bosom Committee ISO Rhyming Nickname


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On Ask an Undiscovered Spider

Spiders are fun, but where did all the ladies/queer chicks/(unmarried) dudes go?!

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On The First Time I Heard the Term "Helicopter Parents"

My first job was as a historical weaver girl at a living history museum. The actual weaving fun, but my bosses and the woman the occasionally sent in to "assist me" were terrible, and I worked in a snake-infested barn. ug.

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On How I Got Rich Working at the Mall (Just Kidding)

@DrFeelGood not true for for any of them- you just have to look like you could. they don't care if your shirt was $3, as long as it's the style

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Bad Hat

I's the worst at dating. just soo annoying.

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On Happy Hour: So You Have a Citrus Allergy ... Now What?

Thank you! I am one of the no-citrus ladies, such a pain.

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On Old Pictures, Clownish Makeup, and the Unexplained Breakup

Love this Dude! also, LW1, dump him NOOW

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On A Letter to Judy Blume, Via a Doll in Her Likeness

ah, I was never allowed to read Judy's books (my Mama even outlawed NBC after "sexy" was said on the Torkelsons) ah, so bummed to see what I missed!

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On Happy Hour: Thanksgiving!

@weathering drink it plain! or, make mulled cider (giant pot-o-cider, mulling spices in cheese cloth, diced apples) add rum if you wish- delish either way.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

right after making out "being alone with you makes me want to vomit"

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