On Where (My) Girls At?

Jenna is entirely right, and I feel her 100 percent. But how much better would it have made the show to put a Token Black Girl in there? A Dionne to balance out a world of Chers? I'm not so convinced it wouldn't have made it more annoying.

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On How's It Going?

@AuntAgatha Yes PLEASE! I was looking for this comment and hoping I wasn't the only one. I love the hairpin but when I come to the comments I feel like the only brown chick at the slumber party, and I am excited about the makeup too but it looks weird on me and then I just sit quietly and wish I had blonde hair.

Am I projecting from my childhood? Anyway! The Hairpin is awesome, but it is weird that it assumes everyone is white, and it loses a lot by leaving out women of different backgrounds.

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On Five of Cups

I started reading tarot cards when i was about 13. My aunt did it and i loved it and she taught me... I guess I have been reading for like 17 years now, which is weird. Anyway i read them for the same reason -- to tell me what i don't want to admit to myself. i had the morgan greer, which my parents gave me, and then i also got the rider waite deck.

but recently though i got a new deck -- my grandparents moved from their millionty-year old home into a retirement facility and my mom cleaned out their house. There was a deck of old French tarot cards in a little red box in a drawer. she couldn't toss them, and Nana didn't even remember whose they were. So she gave them to me. They are, basically, magical.

I don't do readings for friends, though, unless they ask. The few times I've offered it has /not/ gone well. The cards don't always tell you what you want to hear, and when friends want to hear that, well, it gets awkward.

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On Happy Hour: Bargain Bubbly

ok seriously, do not drink that andre shit, even if it is cheap. if it is sweet, it will give you a terrible hangover. you can drink more of the dry stuff And suffer less. win-win.

also, it tastes way better. people, hear me. i'm like a champagne prophet. i know what's to come.

aso for new year's you should splurge on one bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Drink the Widow by yourself if you have to, or share with a special friend if you must, but I mean seriously, it's new year's eve, right? Life's too short to drink terrible bubbly.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Soup and Pedicures

HAHA privilege is so awesome. old ladies and soup kitchens are so funny! so is describing things as Totally Ghetto when they are about the Poors.

sorry. the first one was funny. the second one? left me cold.
and this from a girl who got a wax from a woman wielding a table knife in nairobi.

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On The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

Oh my goodness, i love ABG so much. Her rap lyrics? Kill. me.

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On Belle's Inner Monologue

...In which I officially stop reading hairpin at work. I work in a really tiny office that is mostly silent, and I can no longer appropriately stifle my snorting guffaws. This shit is too funny.

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On I Would Hate to See the Fox News Comments On This

@nogreeneggs Thank you! I'm one of them. We rent an apartment in an undergrad neighborhood, because it's all we can afford right now. They throw glass bottles in the streets, leave trash all around and set off fireworks, even though we all live in wooden houses and there have been several that have burned down because of idiocy like this. These are largely rich kids with big SUVs parked in their driveways. And they make the whole neighborhood live in squalor. And they make me feel like a bitter old lady, shaking her cane.

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On I Would Hate to See the Fox News Comments On This

Yeaah. I'm... pretty sure it's not their skin color that makes them that way. Just a theory though.

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On State Flag Trivia

I just came here to say that my heart was warmed by the phrase "fellow alliterate", and I want to thank you for that.

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