By yeah-elle on The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

Galactic Rabbit, this Libra got weirdly misty at "Forgive yourself when you think you are not enough, you are always enough." Galactic Rabbit, how do you knowwwww?

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

Handed Diva one of her favorite dresses with hearts on it this morning. A look of joy lit up her little face and she turned around to her daddy: "Look Daddy! My hearts dress! I FOUND IT!"

The alphabet according to the Diva: "A, B, C, F, D...G... Yellow penis" (I think that was supposed to be L M N O P)

Accidentally found ourselves watching a Chinese comedy-horror movie that turned out to have a scene with lots of bloodied, dead bodies. Mr Iceberg said "Oh look! They had a ketchup fight!" and I added "And now they're very tired." Parents of the Year, us.

Also, I wrote this!

Happy Friday y'all!

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By carolita on One Weird Trick to Control Your Boyfriend's Mind (the Trick Is Pouring Juice in His Dickhole)

Well, but: condoms! And I'm not having sex without condoms. Where can I buy some copulins to put in my man's condom?
Also, do they just agree to do stuff, then not do it? Because my man will basically say yes to anything after sex. That doesn't mean he'll do it three days later. And no, we don't have sex every three days. I've got stuff to do. ;)

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By Quinn A@twitter on 5 Ways to Engage Your Core

Take your core to a room full of insects. Get down on one knee and present your core with a ring inside the mouth of a terrifying and hilarious puppet.

Later, your core will take you to a magic show. The magician will call you up on stage, put his own ring on a rope, ask you to hold the ring, and tie the rope around your hand. He will then ask your core if it knows another way to tie a knot. Your core will say yes, come up on stage, untie the knot, and reveal your ring in your hand.


Well, that's the way we did it, anyway.

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By tales on When a Man Writes a Woman

@Briony Fields Yeah, I was basically coming down here to go "Her?"

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By Briony Fields on When a Man Writes a Woman

I kiiiiind of didn't find Lisbeth Salander all that well written though, am I the only one? She really struck me as some fantasy male stereotype. Like, this teeny punked out slip of a girl who "was beautiful enough to be on any billboard in the world". Of course she has to *actually* be hot underneath whatever facade she has. She was still badass and probably the best developed character in that series, but I still thought she was far from an ideal female character. Am I nuts?

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By JessicaLovejoy on When a Man Writes a Woman

@CelineFrosterson00 Why do you need to work? Aren't you still attending Hogwarts?

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By Emby on Who Is Gadget For

@ETS2 Mods But what do you think so, ETS2 Mods? Do you think so that we should click on your spammy links to a cornucopia of malware and scam? I think so that's what you mean, but I'm curious as to what you think so.

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By anachronistique on Who Is Gadget For

Gadget is for Dr. Claw, of course, and the pursuit thereof.

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By commanderbanana on "Where You Lunch Has to Be On Brand With Your Brand": Match the NYT Quote With the Salad!

Man, I hope no one at my next power lunch gives me side-eye when I unhinge my jaw and devour a whole (farm-to-table!) sheep.

You know, I love salad - and cheeseburgers and milkshakes and liver and just food, in general - and it never really occurred to me to order something specific to impress whoever else I'm lunching with (unless I was trying to prove I could out-steak them).

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