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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I got a Mirena IUD just after Thanksgiving and I love it. After having my period for 20 years (12-32) I am SO done with it. I wish I'd gotten it sooner. I've always had painful periods, but my first one after insertion was only half as painful, and much lighter flow, and I'm now down to no blood and only the occasional, quickly passing cramp. I did bleed/spot for the first two months pretty much continuously, but from where I am now, it was totally worth it. I haven't noticed any side effects, and I no longer have noticeable PMS, which is awesome. I also think my libido has increased slightly, but I also changed my SSRI recently so it could be that. And thanks to Obamacare I didn't have to pay for it! So great.

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On Reasons Why You're Single

Well men who don't like short hair are ON my list of enemies to kill, so they're being pretty reasonable on that one I think. Hahaha jk kill them all.

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On The Story of Menstruation, as told by Disney

Watching this just reinforces how glad i am I got an iud and no longer have to deal with a period.

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On Apotropaic Boners; or, How to Avoid the Evil Eye

I had no idea the Reddit dickbutt gag had such ancient origins.

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On You Can Have it All: Chickpea-Almond Muffins

If you're like me and don't want to puree your own apples or beets, hit the baby food aisle.

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On A Controversial Ranking of Mr. Darcys

Yesss! I love the scene where Darcy/Matt has just helped Lizzy/Keira into a carriage and then we see him strech his hand like it's all tingly from touching her. Swoon! Plus the 2005 version has the best soundtrack. I do wonder if I just missed the window for Firth, since most of the women I know who prefer him are 8-10 years older than me, and were therefore the same age as I was when the 2005 version came out.

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On Real Life is Boring: Self-Care with Arabelle Sicardi

This is a great interview, and it introduced me to Arabelle Sicardi, so bonus. I love the self care series.

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On Ways To Be Sad: A Thesaurus

February is basically November then?

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On From Samplers To Antlers: A Brief History Of Human Hair Art

Jenine Shereos' hair leaves are amazing.

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On If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I Was Asked To Cover A Teenage Boy In Fake Placenta...

@Neve Garrett You obviously don't live in San Francisco. It is a Thing here.

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