On Charming Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

@upupandaway YES. What a delight. And he has some common sense. This is why I am charmed.

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On Charming Uphill Both Ways in the Snow

Whither Jon Hamm? Delightful in all talk show appearances, Sesame Street, comedy programs, etc., and plays a grade-a bastard on Mad Men as counter-example. He gains further charm points with the Fey/Poehler Friendship Endorsement.

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On The J.Crew Crew

This was so great I wanted to scream and flip over a table. AMAZING!!! Thank you for bringing this into my life. I hope the twins get it together re: dinner order.

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On Like a (Book) Virgin

@Decca Unlike that particular scene, I like your English department.

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On Like a (Book) Virgin

@charlottecat OH MY GOD that note? On the door? Destroyed me. Destroyed forever.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hello friends! I know there are a lot of comedy nerds/anglophiles/David Mitchell enthusiasts around, so I thought I'd mention he published a memoir this week called "Back Story." And glory be, it's available in the US! I downloaded it for Kindle and have enjoyed what I have read thus far. http://www.amazon.com/David-Mitchell-Back-Story/dp/0007351720

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On Three Vanity Plates I Saw Yesterday

I see one at a friend's apartment all the time: TO DNGRS. I know it is supposed to be "too dangerous," but in my head, it's "two dongers."

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On White Pants and Wedges

@stuffisthings This Dallas grooming standard is why I had to leave. And here I am in DC! Where there is a middle ground PLUS a comforting community of young frumps. Aaahhh...relaxante...

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On How Dare He?

@chnellociraptor Yes yes yes that Golden Rainbow clip is just about the best thing I have seen all week. The guy in the half shirt dancing his heart should get a retroactive Tony award for Commitment.

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On Pin Pals

I collected postcards as a younger lady, and still have a massive stack, so today I sent my new Pin pal one of these postcards I bought in, I think, 1994. I don't post here often, and I am an Old, so I am in the "Oh lordy Jeebus do not let me be a disappointment to my Pin pal" camp. But nonetheless, I am so excited!

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