By Ramonita on X-Files Red, Not Lohan Red: A Haircut Trauma

Maybe I'm reacting to this because, based on the details, I'm 95% sure this is the place that I've been going for several years and therefore see the subjects as people rather than hilarious objects to make fun of, but this seems incredibly mean-spirited and not really up to the Hairpin's standards. It reads to me like "neurotic person visits hair dresser, harshly judges the woman who is trying to do her job on her accent, appearance, dress, and professionalism, then makes fun of her in a highbrowish blog." I'm sure the author could have found ways to write humorously about her neurosis without tearing down others, particularly with the obvious class dimensions in this piece.

Also, btw, Regina is a total genius. I pay $50 for my cut (low by nyc standards) and get mad compliments on it.

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By Sella Turcica on Engagement Chicken, Three Ways

I made engagement chicken for a guy I was seeing at the time, with the lemon stuffed in the cavity. It was serious. We'd been together about a year. I'd researched this. Rosemary for commitment. Cinnamon for sweetness and masculine energy. Cayenne for hotter sexy times. He was a big eater. I cooked for him fairly often and he was always appreciative.
He never showed. He had one of those days where you think it's Tuesday all day, but it's Wednesday. He never ate a bit of that chicken.
I realized he had a lot of those days. Then a couple of years later, he got one of his coworker pregnant, so maybe he knew what day it was after all.
Today I'm engaged to a man who worked in a chicken processing plant for a summer and won't eat fowl. He also almost always knows what day it is and he cooks for me too.

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By honey cowl on 18 Brides in a Year

I simultaneously love this and disagree strongly with it. Good one, Jia!

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By bitzyboozer on I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.


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By commanderbanana on I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

Uhhh...I dislike the phrases "leave out" and "at the end of the day" but can honestly say I've never felt compelled to write an article about why I dislike them.

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By Bittersweet on Estate Jewelry: The Original Burning Man and A Ring For the Birds

Art Deco emerald ring! GET ON MY HAND RIGHT NOW.

The hawk ring is fascinating, but my pet falcon tells me she's going for a more natural look these days, so someone else can have it.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Pretty Women on Bikes

Apparently pretty women on bikes fart hearts.

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By EpWs on Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Both are interactive and beloved by teenage boys? (And some girls?)

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By rebecca the brave on Manly Me

@Hot Doom You guys, this was a million years ago and I think the bra no longer exists. But here's what I CAN give you: Ron Jeremy had an old tortoise named Cherry, and sometimes the airlines made it difficult for them to travel together.

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By frigwiggin on Manly Me

Also, I've never read a James Bond novel, but I remember reading an excerpt that was describing a woman's "arrogant breasts," so there's that.

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