On I Can't Wear Heels

I can't do heels for any measurable length of time. My ankles are shot from a lifetime of high impact activities and poor shoe choices in my 20s.

Which is why My Look is nearly always CJ Cregg. Camisole under fitted button down, tailored pants, kitten heels or chunky loafer. It is the easiest and sexiest work uniform ever.

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On How to Live with an Ex in Five Simple Steps

Jia, I loved the hell out of this.

And I have to say, I am nothing short of mesmerized at the spam (?)comment before me. Lo, but is that something to behold.

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On My Best Friend's Cancer

This was heartbreaking and deeply moving. It is also beautifully written.

I am really, really sorry for your loss. I think I would have very much liked to have known Nadine.

Also, I am exceedingly convinced that every one deserves a gay uncle Mike. I still miss mine.

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On It Was Really Lovely Meeting You

It has been many moons, but lo, the one-night stand of the traveling variety? Yeah, those are some of the most intense and deeply marrow-churning encounters I have ever had.

I don't think I will be able to wipe the sly smile off my face for the rest of the day. Thanks for that - this piece is terrific.

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On Wuthering Tarts: Baking with Emily Brontë

Just here to celebrate the fact that your last name is Pan and this is a bread-like recipe.


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On Ask a Clean Person About Her New Book: A Conversation With Jolie Kerr

Mudita. That is the opposite of schadenfreude, and when I think of Jolie/AACP, I am filled with mudita.

Pure, clean, gardenia-scented mudita. Next to a freshly and tightly made bed. That kind of mudita.

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On Surprise! We're All Going to the Super Bowl With This Dude and His Mom

@Brunhilde: I have never seen the city like this. Nothing really close, actually. I want this win for Seattle so, so much.

I was worried - deeply worried - about the possibility of in-city mayhem, had we lost the 49ers game. I didn't think Seattle could take the disappointment at getting so close to the big dance but ultimately being left on the sidelines. And we came very, very close to getting left on the sideline.

Seattle folks don't expect to win. I am not being glib - we just have no experience with it. We are a city that is just honored to be nominated.

I have no idea what this city would look like if it won a championship.

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On The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

@klemay: I wish you knew how loud I laughed at this. Ugly, snorty laughter, which gave way to uncontrollable giggling.

My story is one of my BFFs, whose last name is Moore. She married one of the greatest guys I know, whose last name is Weener. She kept her last name, but hyphenates defiantly when it suits her. I was the maid of honor at the Moore-Weener wedding.

They have three sons, by the way.

And Kate? This is my favorite piece of 2014. I know its early, but it is the reigning champ.

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On What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics

I didn't realize until this posting that I have zero skills in the dick pic assessment field. I have strong and well researched opinions about sex, but I've got nothing when it comes to evaluating the cock apart from the man.

I went to your site and laughed really hard, and also giggled like a 14 year old girl. This Navy pic will have me chuckling for days.

You are doing the Lord's work, Madeleine.

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On Kevin Bacon-ing With Connie Britton

I am astonished that anyone could write a piece on Connie Britton without using the word "grace."

She embodies grace, which I like to think of as "confident humility."

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