On Eleven Nearly Forgotten Childhood Films

@antipretty was it Galaxy Express 999?! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cWfk42Hs88

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On Notes From a Cat Show in Madrid

GILLIAN, WHERE IS MY SPECIAL FRIEND, the depressed little guy in the corner?! is that him splaying his claws in terror?

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On Farewell, Jane

no!!!!!!! come back come back i'll start clicking on more ads on the hairpin so edith can bribe you to stay?!

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On Memories of Austen and "Pride and Prejudice"

@divinemissross@twitter this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUK7-smJVh4

(i'm too lazy to hyperlink things, sorry)!

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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

@Jane Marie both! or actually more purse snatching while on their scooters? and then also stealing scooters/breaking into them (like the seat compartment) for the helmet, etc.

@Barcelona el raval és el pitjor per a això, no? però el barri m'encanta!

(fa un parell d'anys que no he practicat el meu catalan i és molt mala, perdòna)!

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On "Romantic, mysterious, celebratory, and ever-present"

as someone who works (basically) down the street from the thyssen-bornemisza and loves looking at gaudy fancy jewels, this is relevant to my interests/post-work plans...!!!!!!!

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On How to Make Albino Black Widow Spider Deviled Eggs

@Edith Zimmerman you love deviled eggs! everyone, let's all save up and buy edith this! (such beady little eyes!)

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On Mizzzzzz

@MissMushkila at least in Spain, señorita is getting stamped out, at least professionally! you're supposed to go with señora – apparently since there's no diminutive for señor, it's condescending/sexist to call someone (again, in a professional setting) señorita. or so i've been told/called? (i still get called señorita out in the world sometimes though)!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Franigans right now at mapfre there's an expo of isabel cunningham! and on atocha (near atocha renfe stop) there is a cuban disco called azucar that is super fun and has great mojitos, etc! and for cheap bocadillos there's always 100 montaditos! (but more like the alonso martinez one, not the one near sol that is llena de guiris!) or nostrum on maria de molina, in case you live more salamanca/chamberi-y and less centro centro

(sorry, i work a lot so all my recommendations are all food all the time)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Franigans I live in Madrid! Malasaña has the best bars, and empanadas! (el cambalache! off of espirtu santo, delicious). Chueca and Lavapies are cool too, and so is the area off of san bernardo!

Caixa Forum is a great exhibition space and is free! And the Prado is free after 7 every day! and the Reina Sofia is free on Saturdays! and you can get a bocadillo de calamares at el brillante after the reina sofia too if you'd like! and go for a walk in retiro park, and check out the rastro on sunday! super touristy, but huge and with neat stuff! madrid is just a great walking city, so explore! and I used to live in Barcelona too (I've lived in Spain for a couple years, all over) – so just let me know if you want any other advice! when are you coming? (sorry this is kind of late)!

edited to say omg so many exclamation marks, sorry

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