On Friday Open Thread

@fondue with cheddar I haven't done the no-shampoo thing for a while, so, grain of salt, but I think you're supposed to do the baking soda on its own and get all scrubby with it, and then rinse with water before doing the ACV rinse.

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On "Halo," LP

I am so mad at LP right now I can't even watch this amazing video. So mad! (My girlfriend and I had a fight about my crush on her and now I'm aggressively uninterested in her sexy voice and hot androgynous style.)

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On How to Make a "Jelly Sandwich"

@Lesliepop YES PLEASE can this be a thing please please please?

Also this recipe looked really familiar, and sure nuff, it's almost identical to one of my favorite recipes, my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother's Washington Pie (pronounced WAR-shington, natch). Although using lemon preserve instead of raspberry or strawberry jam would just be a sin.

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On Selective Empathy and "An Outlet for Maternal Feelings"

@Ellie STORY OF MY LIFE. I write (and then don't send) letters to Captain Awkward like some people talk to their therapists. And I have a therapist (3 actually), I just like this way.

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On Selective Empathy and "An Outlet for Maternal Feelings"

@LolaMoco I'm so sorry! That's really rough. My parents divorced when I was 3 and they were really shitty about it (to each other and to me) and I still turned out ok, I promise. So if you are even just on semi-polite speaking terms with your ex, I GUARANTEE it will be easier on your kiddo than my parents' divorce was on me. And I survived just fine. Seriously. You're a great parent for giving a shit.

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

@PaperbackLady Oh man, I know that feel. I shaved my head, let it grow out to shoulder length, then shaved it again (drunk this time), and it's just now, 2 years almost to the day later, getting back to a decent, non-hideous length. I liked being bald, but NEVER AGAIN!

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On What It Sounds Like Your Coworker's Eating: A Gchat Log

@iceberg I'm the Eric too! I'm trying to get better but I have a horrible habit of eating like I just got out of prison, and with my mouth wide open. I am so gross you guys!

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On How to Host a Dinner For "The" Strangers


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On Friday Open Thread

@charlesbois Ooh I love Christopher Moore but I haven't read that one yet, I'm looking forward to it! I just started The Elegance Of The Hedgehog, and I love it so far, but I somehow misplaced it somewhere in my apartment, so it's on hold for the moment. GAH! I do highly recommend it though.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lyesmith As someone who also just went through a big stupid breakup, I totally agree about the Kpop.

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