On "Texts or calls often and promptly"

Confession: I have a dumb inexplicable crush on a guy I work with and I am currently in a relationship with another guy! I really love my long-term boyfriend of 3 1/2 years and have zero intention of leaving him or cheating on him or pursuing this thing because my boyfriend is in all respects better than this dude, and I don't even get vibes that this guy is into me or anything, but I still get like, dumb and giggly when he's around and look forward to talking to him and ugh

Conclusion: crushes are dumb and make no sense

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On Parenting 201

Although if your child is just a straight-up terrible person, maybe you should probably try to change them then?

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On Girls Who Wear Glasses on Halloween

Can we have one of these posts for Girls Who Have Curly Hair on Halloween?

(No, I won't straighten it.)

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On "Scott Stapp in general."

@werewolfbarmitzvah oh man I liked so much terrible nu-metal when I was 14. Linkin Park! System of a Down! Korn! And yet even then I knew Creed was boring bland music for people like my uncle who thought they were "cool Christians" because they liked DC Talk and used to smoke weed.

Also, this bit from from the Wikipedia article on nu metal is great: "Typical instruments: screaming, rapping, growling"

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On Honeymooning Off-Road in Vietnam

@frigwiggin @hotdog The campaign is also kinda weird because I would imagine that the majority of people who drink "imitation milk" are those who CAN'T drink real milk (because of lactose intolerance, milk allergies, or vegan lifestyles).

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On Accessorizing Your Library Book About Snow or Ice

What if I would like to accessorize my library book about fire AND ice? Or even about a song of them?

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On Edith Wharton's Lost Book Deal

@Decca My issue is that I keep confusing Edith Wharton with Evelyn Waugh - they aren't even the same gender!

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On “mootz-arell”

@DH@twitter To be fair, Cubans and Puerto Ricans don't really eat chipotle peppers at all - Caribbean cuisine is completely different from Latin American cuisine.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Does anyone have suggestions for one-piece bathing suits for those of us with, uh, ample bosoms that aren't completely frumpy/boring?

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On The Weight-Loss Call-and-Return Catch-22

@paddlepickle Yup, the only thing about losing weight that's possibly worse than everyone complimenting you on how much weight you've lost and how good you look is... all those same people watching you gain 2/3 of that weight back.

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