On Jokes

This was a fantastic idea :) Good one! I will be stealing jokes now...and calling everything "kitty".

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On Do You Need a Fall Project?

I'm doing it as well, though I've left my theme as "undecided" for the moment. Thanks for the discount code, Statham! So...it's 32 pages, 64 for all of em? hmm. Cover art? hmm.
Wondering if I'll plan it all out with some over-arching narrative or just use it to make a series of small stories. Anyone else digitizing theirs?

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I needed this today. Thanks for always coming through, Hairpin.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Still With the Armpits

I wear slips almost every day, and those links are giving me FEVAH! Also, ladies, your local thrift store is the bees knees for finding slips and amazing old lingerie. When sassy old ladies clean out their closets or die, THAT is where amazing stuff ends up.

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On The Best Time I Quit Drinking

Good luck to you. Actually, best of luck.

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On "Don't be IN a party, BE a party."

This kid has my vote forever.

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On You Can Tell By the Swagger and the Lips

quoting kreayshawn? she's grimy.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World

knocked it out of the park, once more. My heart hurts for Dorothy.

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On Not Technically A "French Manicure" For Klutzes

@charlesbois she sucks. You rock. The neon tips look super!

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On Pin Pals

oh man, I'm excited!!

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