On Come Sit By Me: A Literary Alternative to Missed Connections

When I was about six and a half months pregnant, and getting train seats on the regular (but not on the always), I was riding the train home when a middle-aged woman looked up and made eye contact with me. I was prepared to graciously, gratefully accept, when she came out with, "Don't you just love Salman Rushdie?" and launched into a one-sided conversation about how much she loved him. (I was reading Shame, which to be honest, I did not love. It was okay.) That is the only time anyone has ever engaged me in conversation about books on the train. I did not get a seat.

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On Enhance Your Mood by Drawing Food

@The Lady of Shalott Maybe you should try Martha Stewart's mint-filled brownie cupcakes. They are more serious-minded cupcakes; you can tell because they don't have frosting. But they are still delicious. And the mint filling means it has a formal reason for being an individual serving of cake.

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On Fifteen Centuries of July 9

I wrote one of my friends today to wish her a happy birthday and she told me that her grandmother passed away this morning. So I think I will wait until next year to send her a link to this.

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On But Does the Dog Die?

After reading several novels in a row in which the protagonist's cat is *murdered*, this was just one of the many things that made me happy about (PET DEATH SPOILER, OR RATHER NON-DEATH SPOILER) the Hunger Games trilogy.

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On But Does the Dog Die?

@mynamebackwards Yeah, that movie was pretty intense.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Bittersweet I know! You are right. But I still hate doing it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@crane your neck My problem is, I keep thinking about the (usually food-based) reward and end up giving it to myself ahead of time. I lack so many kinds of discipline!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Judith Slutler Writing things. Researching things.

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On Friday Open Thread


I agree that you should tell a story, in a funny way so that he can tell if your sense of humor syncs up with his. Be really specific, like, "I'm looking for someone who wants to watch the new Almodóvar movie, and then about half a dozen of the old ones over a lazy weekend," or "someone who will try the weirdest thing for sale at the X Farmer's Market with me." And then you could make it clear that you are looking for something long-term by adding something like, "the new Almodóvar movie, and possibly his next one as well?" Also be more specific about what kinds of concerts, like, "Jam Band #1, Jam Band #2, and any show where the air smells like patchouli and marijuana." I think the outdoorsy stuff doesn't have to as specific, as the cultural stuff, but maybe that is just my bias as a non-outdoorsy type.

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On Friday Open Thread

@flimflannery Ooh, I will. I love this kind of thing.

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