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On Friday Open Thread

@Lily Rowan It looks like animation to me--at least, the car does. Not 100% sure about the...guy thing. There's something weirdly ominous about it to me despite the chirpy music. Maybe it's the uncanny-valley quality combined with the aggressive nudity.

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On The Globster Makeover

My upper blob region is going to look so gorgeous tonight. Thanks, Natalie!

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On Friday Open Thread

@stonefruit Oh shit, BART strike! I was planning on BARTing into San Francisco on Sunday to go to the Rainbow Rowell/David Levithan book event on Sunday, buuuuuut I guess I will either have to brave driving there myself or convince my boyfriend he wants to go with me. (Unless there are other Central Valley Pinners who are going too? It's a long shot.)

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On Remembering the Alice Series

@Lily Rowan I've never heard of these either! I'm excited to read new-old MG and YA books, though, because over last weekend I read Anastasia Krupnik for the first time and nearly ascended to heaven from its perfection.

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On Our Squid, Ourselves

What DO we do down there? It's a good question.

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On "Alice Munro Updated Her Cover Photo"

My aunt loaned me a collection of her stories a while ago! A long while ago. Probably last Christmas, at least. I should read it.

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

@325013498@twitter I'm in development, doing behind-the-scenes stuff, and thinking about doing managerial stuff and/or frontline fundraising makes me want to die a little.

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On How Long Did It Take You to Unclench After Gravity?

@fabel I will DEFINITELY not be seeing this in theaters because there's no way it won't make me incredibly motion-sick. (I get motion-sick just from shaky-cam and/or watching people play Portal, so there's no way. NO WAY.)

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On Friday Open Thread


Excellent! I'm so glad it arrived and that you enjoyed it! I really liked both the mixes you sent me--I'm going to be listening to them a lot, I can tell--and the earrings got hella compliments when I wore them on Wednesday. (edit: And I'm not familiar with the HP Lovecraft Historical Society, but I am looking them up in a hot second, that sounds amazing.)

I also received @Thuja's mix the other day and I am going to listen to it right...NOW! I hope other people have been getting their mixes out!

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On Reasons Why We Act Different Around Drake Even Though We're Good Girls and He Knows It

I don't even care, I like listicles.

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