On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: U.S. Senators Edition

@LooseBaggyMonster So apparently Philander Chase Knox was named after Philander Chase, the episcopal bishop who founded Kenyon College. I still don't understand why Philander is a name, but it's grown on me over the years after hearing it so much at Kenyon. I've heard it pronounced as though it rhymes with "highlander," perhaps to distance it from the whole philandering thing?

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On "Doctor Who" and the Greenness of the Statue of Liberty

@Jawnita Re: the Pond/Williams thing on the gravestone - it always seemed like the Doctor insisted on calling them "The Ponds" whereas, if they followed convention she would have taken Rory's last name and been known as Amy Williams. Perhaps they were even known as the Williams's outside of the TARDIS? It seems that Amy going by "Amy Williams" in her "new" life without the Doctor and only Rory solidifies her choice of Rory over the Doctor. I doubt people in Rory and Amy's life in modern times called them "The Ponds."

Or maybe I read too much into this?

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On "From what planet does the Doctor come?"

@dj pomegranate Keep watching! The Tennant-to-Smith transition is pretty hard because Tennant is SO WONDERFUL. Nevertheless, I think Matt Smith gets better and makes the character his own the longer he's on the show. I was super skeptical about both Amy and The Doctor when Matt Smith took over but they both improved dramatically. Having Moffatt at the helm as executive producer is also a plus. Enjoy!

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On The Best Time My Civil War Soldier Came Home

This is all I want -> "you can spend an evening together geeking out over early color photographs from the Russian Empire."

I love this all so much. History nerds are the best nerds, though I'm still trying to find one of my very own. Also, "cue Ashokan Farewell" is a phrase that needs to move into my daily use.

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On Commence Operation Clear England of Spiders and Snakes for Ryan Lochte (CESSRL)

I want him to win every swimming event (maybe he can also do some track events too?) so that we can listen to so many interviews in which his dumb, beautiful face says so many dumb, beautiful things.

Also hopefully he wears his "LOCHTE" brand shoes and grill. #JEAH

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

@The Lady of Shalott THAT MOVIE. Hands-down my favorite movie forever and always. Sometimes my sisters and I yell "CK Dexter Haaaaaaaaven" if we're trying to get each other's attention.

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On Woman Not a Fan?

@heyits I've been lurking and nodding along to all these comments re: the awesomeness of the hairpin, but I had to log in and just say "YES, KATHERINE BROOKE" to your comment. Perhaps this proves that I'm vapid and avoiding the reality of womanhood today by thoroughly enjoying your reference to Anne of Green Gables, and maybe I should feel ashamed of my love of estate jewelry, "Ask a [person/spider]," and learning how to put on make-up so I don't look like a deranged 12 year old? But seriously, it's hard to articulate how much I love this site, both for its serious and its more frivolous discussions. So, thanks hairpin!

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On When You're Alone and Life Is Making You Lonely

@Mingus_Thurber Since the Naughty Download of Sherlock was not available to me yet last night, and I've already seen Downton (but will obv watch it again), I got sucked into a black hole of Benedict Cumberbatch youtube videos. I love him so. I'm pretty sure I'm watching unhealthy amounts of British TV at the moment...but it's all so good! Who knew panel game shows were so fantastic?

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On Hate Actually

@wee_ramekin YES YES to the Kenneth Branagh dislike. It makes me rage-y watching them be all cute in Henry V or Dead Again (which is this BANANAS movie from the early 90s in which they both play two in-love characters? And there's a murder-y subplot? Anyway, it's crazy). I used to love K-Brans but now not so much.

In an interesting counterpoint to the Rickman/Thompson dynamic in Love, Actually, she and Rickman just did this thing for PBS called "The Song of Lunch" (streaming on PBS.org) and Emma is super hot and Rickman is a drunk mess (but he narrates the whole thing! That voice!). So, that.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Paul Newman, Decency Manifest

@pterodactgirl CARY GRANT. And yes, I do that with films too. Even when Paul Newman is shoving all those eggs in his face during "Cool Hand Luke" or when Cary Grant is being kinda sketch in "Charade," it's totally fine. They are unimpeachably wonderful.

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