On In Support of Debra Harrell, Jailed for Letting Her 9-Year-Old Play Unsupervised in the Park

@Erryoudite the difference between this young lady and a free range kid is that free range kids are white.

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On My Ideal Weddings, By Age

I LOVE your 17 year old wedding- "Where were you while we were getting HIIIIIIIIIIGH?" I can just imagine all the guests muttering "don't do it". I've actually BEEN to those weddings.

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On Who We Tell When We Watch Our Parents Die

my mom died 6months ago, very slowly at first (5 years of her second go round with cancer) and then very fast (one month in hospice). it was both too slow to be present for and too fast to comprehend. I am grateful that I got to be there but it was so lonely, even though I was surrounded by family. anybody who mourns is lonely and there is something to be valued in that.

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On The To Do List: Aubrey Plaza Remembers the '90s

@lizard agreed. I didn't crack a single smile.

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On Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Featuring Wanz, "Thrift Shop"

@ipomoea I did NOT know he was a Greener! Geoducks repreSENT!

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On On Watching Disgusting Things Online

the older I get, the less I can stomach atrocities- when I was young it seemed so foreign and unbelievable- now, entirely too believable and so sadly commonplace.
but for those still with an appetite for The Awful Grossnesses- r/spacedicks, anyone? DON'T DO EEEET.

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On Jane Demystifies All Beauty Secrets in Five Minutes

@elsa may@twitter I live in LA- and I have never been to THAT LA. Don't be afraid- it's a big town and one can avoid everything horrible but the traffic!

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On On the Happiness of Procreation

@ReginalTSquirge@twitter what- aren't you completely filled with the holy christ love at the idea of caring for YOUR aged parents?? my parents have taken the initiative to never be a burden to me and my sister and I DO love them for that. I'd like to think I can arrange my own life in the same manner.

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On The Reproductive Quadratic Equation

jumping waaay late here, but just want to point out that the statement is , "lots of people offer the notion that parenthood will make them happy". I know a LOT of people who have had children expecting exactly that- they were unhappy (bored, dissatisfied, unfufilled, etc) and expected that having a magical baby would offer every solution to the meaning of existence. and then that didn't actually happen and they wondered what went wrong. having kids is not a solution to a problem. you are just adding more people to the equation.

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On Noises: Can't Live Without 'Em

yo Jane- do you live in los feliz? the franklin hills neighborhood specifically? cuz I hear The Godfather horn EVERY DAY! I LOVE it. I imagine that the person who honks it is just SO pleased with themselves and it makes me happy for them!

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