On Songs About Musical Genres That Are Not Done in the Style of Said Musical Genre

My favorite is The Wombats's "Techno Fan"


For people who really want to like Techno, but just DON'T.

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On Big Movie

@RK Fire In retrospect, I would add more elements, but I was really careful not to get spoiled, so I didn't know enough about it to know what to add. But for the video re-watch, I'm totally adding things like:

Drink When:
* Captain America doesn't get a cultural reference
* Someone jokes about Loki's horn helmet
* Bruce and Tony revel in their braininess
* Someone mentions the Captain America trading cards

Finish your drink when:

* Captain America GETS a cultural reference
* Loki dresses like a regular, modern human
* You SEE the Captain America trading cards (+ pour one out)

Seek medical attention when:

* Loki's hair does not look repulsive (this one never happens, so if you think it looks okay, you are probably in the early stages of alcohol poisoning)

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On Big Movie

I went, and we smuggled in alcohol to play a drinking game. Rules as followed:

*Each attendee is assigned a superhero. Each time that hero's hero-name (ie "Iron Man", not "Tony") is said, drink.

*When Stan Lee appears, finish your drink.

PROTIP: Try (not?) to get Thor. Thor is both his hero name AND his actual name, and you will be plastered. Guess who had Thor on Saturday night?

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On Moral MASH: Philosopher, Judge, Angel, Teacher, Enforcer, or Guardian?

So on the one hand, I'm an Angel, which is awesome to hear (I DO believe that compassion is the most important! Screw obedience!)

But on the other hand, I didn't score above a four on ANY of the ten morality dimensions. So apparently I am pretty amoral in general? And I am...sort of okay with that, I think?

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On Choose Your Own Fatventure: Interview Clothes

@Party Falcon Two years ago, I stopped wearing pants because I am ALSO pregnant-lady shaped. The switch to skirts and dresses (with leggings underneath in the very cold weather) has been one of the best decisions of my life, no joke. Pants-free lifestyle forever!

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On Down to You

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter Hey, there is NOTHING WRONG with wanting to just watch Doctor Who and read YA novels. Doctor Who is all about tolerance and the triumph of intellect and love. YA novels often deal with real issues! And also, doing things that are fun is fun! And fun is good!

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On Let's All Make…

@tortietabbie Eyeliner. Seriously, have a friend draw it on the back of your legs, then carefully pull your sheers up over it.

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On Let's All Make…

My GUESS is that you could glue some of the large flat rhinestones on, if you used a really good fabric glue. I've had good luck with some of the Aileen's glues on other fabrics, although I've never tried a spandex like tights would be. Def something you'd have to do while wearing them, though...

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On Things to Do in the Winter

This reminds me so strongly of embroidery - I feel like the texture of her footprints look just like the little stitches you get when you use a sewing machine to embroider.

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On Meet the Newest American Girl Dolls

@Dancersize And Kit is 1934, and Rebecca is 1914, and Julie & Ivy are 1974, and Kaya is 1764. (I have eight- and ten-year old nieces). Seriously, though, what's wrong with using 1854 again if they must? Kirsten is retired now anyway, isn't she? Actually...hang on. The only one of the original dolls still available is Molly. Even Felicity isn't around anymore, and she was NEW when I was 9. Merciful god, I am so old now.

Also, um...wouldn't a little African-American girl in New Orleans in 1853 probably have been a slave? I mean...Addy is 1864, and her story is about escaping slavery. I'm not saying there weren't any free African-American little girls in Louisiana in the 1850s, but...I am doubtful.

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