On Did We Live Up To Our Yearbook Pages?

Winner class brain, runner up best hair. I quoted Julius Caesar and Gigi's Aunt Alicia. In a Dave Matthews Band themed yearbook. I was so happy to leave for college.....

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On Beauty Q&A: Remember Crystal Gayle?

This post is so relevant to me. (Me! It's all about me!) I am 29 and routinely mistaken for 16 and I am pretty sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my clothing or hair choices. I did the whole professional wardrobe and look overhaul when I graduated from college. What gets really strange is when people that know me, or know exactly how many secondary and/or professional degrees I have obtained, just block out what they know my age must be based on how old they think I look. It is apparently easier to believe that I was (am?) a child prodigy than that I am maybe slightly older than I look (or a decade, but who is counting?). This isn't really advice, LW 2, just a bit of a rant. As for advice, the best thing I have managed to do is bring it up occasionally to disabuse people of ridiculous ideas and to have a good joke ready to deflect it. On the other hand, I always did want to be a child prodigy, so maybe this is some sort of cruel wish fulfillment.

And to continue my rant, people get so judge-y about long hair. I have cut off many feet of hair over the years (sometimes in a bid to look older) and the first question asked is always about Locks of Love, making sure that I donated it. What the hell? I get the appeal of the whole kids with cancer thing, but as everyone said upthread, that is pretty misleading and, more importantly, nobody else's business but mine. I did end up donating my hair, mostly because I didn't feel like investigating the sale option and whole point of cutting it off was to get it away from me, so it was a lot easier to leave with the salon and let them do whatever they liked, whether that was charitable or commercial. I think cutting off long hair is a lot like getting a pet and Locks for Love is the shelter option. If you don't go with the shelter option, bystanders interrogate you and make all sorts of ridiculous judgments. Ugh.

Sorry, obviously I have some Issues and Feelings and Thoughts when it comes to these topics.

And LW3, I am envious of that gift card burning a hole in your pocket. I would be buying so many lipsticks right now. In all the frivolous colors.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Warren Beatty Thinks This Song Is About Him

@Alli525 YES! I have that movie on pretty much every format but laserdisc. It is perfect. And I had no idea Leslie Caron was so interesting. Let's have a SoCH (or maybe just an Awesome People of Classic Hollywood) on her. And um, maybe the SoCH treatment of more classic films. Because I need some guidance on which classics to watch and how. I'm sure Aunt Alicia could provide some excellent advice, but in the meantime I will have to hope for AHP.

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On It's a Girl, My Lord, in a Flatbed Ford

@Brunhilde Semi-relatedly (Eagles...childhood misunderstanding of lyrics....), I was pretty sure that the prison in "Desperado" was a sentient jail cell actually walking through this world all alone. And waiting to catch the singer. Like Javert.

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On It's a Girl, My Lord, in a Flatbed Ford

@Lucienne I don't care who released it first, it is a Jackson Browne song.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be My Father's Favorites

@plonk Clearly I am way too late for my comment to actually be read. BUT, I want to second (third? fourth? ) the whole Nabokov thing. I think David Sedaris actually wrote an essay about this in "Me Talk Pretty One Day." Because Lolita is pretty much it. It cannot be topped and it's almost better to just reread it continuously than to ever bother with anything else.

Also, I think the best entree into Dostoyesvsky is Notes from the Underground. Sometimes I just want to spit on the Crystal Palace, goddammit.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be Free For the Kindle: Part One

Bram Stoker, proving yet again that good grammar costs NOTHING. Also, everybody should just read Dracula. It's awesome.

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On Why 1995 Was Probably the Best Year Ever for Movies

@dahlface Please tell me you all are watching the La Femme Nikita reboot on the CW. Devon Sawa keeps showing up and kicking ass. It's everything 1995 me could possibly want.

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On Really Good Books About Fake Murder

@Dale Edmonds@facebook I don't care if I'm commenting weeks late, I just love Cadfael so so much. Thanks to Ellis Peters the "Interests" section of my resume (my school makes me do this, although it makes me feel like an overeager teenager) actually includes "medieval murder mysteries" among my primary interests. See also Ariana Franklin's "Mistress of the Art of Death" series. In other historicals, I love Deanna Raybourn's Lady Julia Grey series, Dianne Day's Fremont Jones series and Ruth Downie's "Medicus" series.

I recently started reading Val McDiarmid after Netflix sent me down the rabbit hole with "Gritty BBC Procedurals". Damn you Wire in the Blood! I also used to love Kathy Reichs and Janet Burke, but those series really lost momentum. I don't care about Temperance Brennan's love life, I just want to hear about gruesome forensics. Still, the first few are pretty awesome.

More murder!

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On "Was My Face Red!"

@Gina@twitter I'm so glad someone else admitted to hoarding YMs and Seventeens. I just found a box of them in my parents' attic and actually had a hard time deciding whether or not to keep them. I mean, now they're artifacts. The prom issues alone are worth their weight in gold.

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