On Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

Through the Indies First thing on Saturday, I stopped at my neighborhood bookstore and picked up a gift for my teenage sister in law (Rookie Yearbook Two) and some books for my toddler, all while listening to scads of white yuppies fawn over a very charming and talkative Sherman Alexie, who was talking up books he liked and taking pictures with people. I'm debating getting some nail polish for the SIL today to round it out.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@bluebears I preordered the book, but I have to say, I'm just kind of disappointed in it. What I would have enjoyed is a collection of themes, memes, and greatest posts. What I got was a weird encyclopedia of stuff they thought was "important" to the idea of Jezebel, yet (at least to me) wasn't.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@fallopian princess Megan Carpentier kept me sane in 2008 with regards to politics.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

There was this very specific time in my life, when I was in my mid to late 20s and sort of exploring the idea of myself as a feminist adult that Jezebel was perfect for-- Feministe was so serious and I didn't like the layout of Feministing, but Jez gave me gender, politics, fashion, pop culture, and a strong commenting community. I remember spending my 27th summer at various shit temp jobs and trying to become a starred Jez commenter (25 followers!), and being unreasonably proud when I hit it.

I started to drift away from Jez when the open threads closed down and my friends established communities on message boards and Tumblr, but the line in the sand was the infamous French dude post. I'd already become disappointed when Megan and Anna left, and I just couldn't get excited about where Jessica was taking the site.

I check it about once a week now-- I see a few commenters I remember, I love Erin, Lindy, and Dodai's writing, but I don't feel as invested as I used to. What Jezebel did for me was introduce me to women who presented ideas outside of my suburban white girl life, both in their writers and commenters. I've got friends all over the world from my time at Jez, and that's the best thing that came out of it.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@twopercent Oh!! There is a contributor listed in the Jez book named Pixie Casey whose write-up says she "spent two years as Jezebel's first weekend editor and is now a staff writer for Rookie. She is, was, and always will be Team Cake." That made me SUPER happy, because I adored Hortense. (I checked her Twitter account and there's a greyhound on it so IT MUST BE HER!)

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On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

as a mother, a woman who's miscarried, carried to term, and is trying again, thank you for what you do, thank you for your compassion and your courage, and I pray for your safety as much as any Unitarian can pray.

And Jia, thank you for the interview.

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

But the train station bench one from 1982 is the best, right? I mean, we can all agree that that version of the series is what we alternated with the Meagan Follows movies for oh, say, ten years of our lives?

Just me?

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On Kanye on Kanye

@stonefruit https://twitter.com/kanyejordan

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On 'Pin Picks: Cheaper by the Dozen

Ooh! I would also suggest Lonesome Dove! One of the Goodreads reviews basically says "give it 100 pages and by 60 I was hooked" which is exactly what happened. I never thought I liked Westerns until I read it. I picked up Angel of Repose on my professor's suggestion after raving about Lonesome Dove, but I have yet to read it.

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On Our Pregnant Week

My heart breaks for you and your family. Even when you're ambivalent/scared/pessimistic, for me, at least, there was a small part that said "but what if? What if it is a good thing?" and it makes a miscarriage hard. I hope you find what you need, and I hope you have friends/a support circle/someone to talk to who's been through it as well, which makes it easier.

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