On Marry Your Computer

@packedsuitcase Excellent point. I met a whole bunch of perfect-on-paper guys on eHarmony, after one million levels of compatibility testing, and had zero spark with any of them in person. Dudefriend and I met on a different site where there was no compatibility testing and we just started messaging. In person? All The Fireworks.

Also, when people ask how we met, I'm all direct in saying that we met online, but my defensive tone and aggressive eye contact suggests I'm probably not as confident about that as I pretend to be. I know it makes no sense in the modern context.

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On Menstrual Cups: Are They for You?

You know what, I'm actually a lot less grossed out by using a Diva Cup than I am by using a pad or tampon. No risk of TSS, no smell, no chafing. It feels a lot cleaner to me.

But the major upside is comfortable sleeping: I hated having to wear gigantic overnight pads that I often leaked around anyway, since I sleep on my back. With the Diva Cup I can sleep in any ridiculously contorted position I want and it has never, ever leaked.

Oh, and the travel thing, too. I don't have to fill half my suitcase with pads in case the country I'm going to doesn't have my preferred brand.

Despite its horrifying name, Diva Cup FTW.

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On Ask Santa

@alejoalene Ahhh I love it! That's totally my plan if I have kids.

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On Ask Santa

@Inspector Tiger I'm from Brno! Hello! I get all kinds of surprised reactions every year when I tell people that Baby Jesus brings the presents. I don't see the problem. :)

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On A Lazy Man's Guide to Seducing Women

@DoMark I relate SO HARD. Down to the 5-year relationship. I thought I'd be way too smart for those guys when I got back into the dating pool. Nope. Drove across town at 11:30 on a weeknight once. *hangs head in shame* (though, hilariously, that same guy keeps trying this method on me and it's no longer working, so his texts are getting longer and more "pay attention to meeeee"... though the fact that I'm gratified by this is clear evidence I haven't gotten any wiser)

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On Assumptions

@olivebee Is it the same for people going to movies alone? Because I love going to movies alone, except I always think people are pitying me for having no friends.

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On My History of Being Fat

@highfivesforall Thank you for that. Don't get me wrong, I loved this piece, but I was trying to figure out why the last bit made me a little unhappy. I have BMI rage though; I'm very muscular and have inherited my mom's genetic blessings in the boob area, which, according to the numbers, makes me fat. To that I say: fuck you, numbers (but thank you the writer for what is a great and honest piece).

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On Life Without Reverend Moon

When I was a baby, my parents took my sister and me and fled a communist country in order to give us more opportunities and choices in life. I've always been awed at the strength that took. But to leave an oppressive regime by yourself, with everyone around you opposing you? That is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for sharing; you deserve all kinds of respect (and from a self-centered standpoint, I'm having a terrible Monday, and this just put all my piddly problems right into perspective, so thanks for that too).

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On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

@supernintendochalmers I just need to inform you that both your name and icon made my day. I thank you. :)

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On The Instructions Needed to Build an Ikea Bookshelf

@lora.bee I just lost my shit in my cubicle at work where everyone can hear me. I'm not sorry.

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