On You're So Cute I Could Squeeze You to Death, Scientifically Speaking

I had to.

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On The "Prom-posal"

I asked a boy who I'd been swoony over since grade 11 physics class. The catalytic crush event was when he (and the rest of the hockey team) dyed their hair blue he would spend most of class trying to stretch his curls out so he could see the colour. He was also really good and spinning his pen in that sort of drummer way.

I point blank asked him one day between classes and I think he was too surprised to say no. We went in his car which was some monster of a Buick we affectionately called "The Boat." The fabric ceiling of the car had been falling down but he staple gunned that sucker back up for me. We sat at a table with the teacher chaperone and all the boys who had gone stag. I mostly hung out with my other friends and his trunk served as the impromptu bar for his friends. We both stayed very sober. We danced once which was tricky because he's a good foot and a half taller and awkward to begin with.

We got drunk and totally made out at the after party and would go on to get drunk and totally make out at after prom parties for the next 2 years. I seduced him in my parents basement during a break from my masters. Now he is engaged to someone and lives in Wisconsin.

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On Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not for the Music They Introduced Me To

Oh, boy. This was beautiful.

New Found Glory (Nothing Gold Can Stay), Betty Davis (Nasty Gal), Pink Floyd (Animals), and the one I just put my neck out for runs a music blog that I'm going to grudgingly call great.

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

Related (also Can-con) from March 12's episode of Q- Dr. Misee Harris on why she wants to be the first African-American Bachelorette and media critic Eric Deggans on racial diversity and the broader culture of television romance.

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On RIP, Stompin' Tom Connors

@jengetsaround We'll miss you Stompin' Tom, I'll be thinking of you at porketta bingo this weekend. (PS Another Sudbury pinner???)

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On Friday Open Thread

@ayo nicole It's "white rabbits!" in my family, and first one to it gets all the luck for the month. You win this round, mom.

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On In the Bleak Mid-Winter

@almighty jugs I made these fried avocado tacos (which were helpfully posted a few weeks ago) with red cabbage for the slaw. They were glorious and not as scary to make as anticipated (and of like what @parallel-lines suggested!).

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On He She Not They

@Dizzy Oh no, don't be terrified! You're probably right! I'm no expert, I've never taken lessons so this is what I've sorted out from conversations with friends with their translations and my teeny Chinese vocab. I've always just understood "ta" as he/she/they. You've taught me something that I've definitely been missing! (Makes sense now considering "wo"/"wo men" for "me"/"us" (right??))

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On Friday Open Thread

@Scandyhoovian like @ raised amongst catalogs says once the drugs hit, everything is just going to happen in a sort of glorious haze. I was in the same boat (4 impacted, had never been put out before) and had a pretty easy time of the whole thing. When I came to I didn't realize that my mouth was full of gauze and chattered away to the nurses who were unfazed. My mom thought it was hilarious and put me on the phone with anyone who would listen. Scrambled eggs and ice cream were my go-to foods.

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On Friday Open Thread

@rimy Here to support the fake-it-til-you-make-it strategy. I do my best extrovert-ing solo. I find it's easier to put up a bit of a front for strangers when no one you know is around.

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