you're a kitty!

you're a kitty!

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On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@RNL the stubble isn't as bad on my arms, because it's softer hair (still dark as hell, but softer). So I tend to let it grow for a week or so and then shave it off again, before it gets TOO long. That said, I've gone through periods where I just said "screw it," because shaving my arms is just asking for cuts. The wrists, oh god, the wrists are awful. Epilators will work, but it's suuuuuuch a hassle.

Now, legs, i haven't found a solution there. Stubble is awful and super visible unless I shave literally every day, which takes forever AND THEN I get awful awful ingrowns unless I use TendSkin on a daily basis, and who has that kind of time/money, UGH, I wish I was brave enough to be like GOT WHAT I GOT but I am not. It's really, really dark hair and I have light skin. Please god please let me afford laser hair removal someday.

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On A Brief History of Getting Yelled At

@cordovan sofa YES, I had a really hard time adjusting to the midwest. I'd cheerfully yell at friends about unimportant stuff and they'd be upset about it?? And then I'd mildly annoy them and they'd stop talking to me for an hour and it would FREAK ME OUT and I thought the FRIENDSHIP WAS OVER, basically it was all just a huge miscommunication all the time.

That said: shouting in a professional context is super uncool and I lose a huge amount of respect for people who can't keep it together when they're supposed to be working. Especially folks who yell at their subordinates — that tips right on over into abusive.

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On The Boy Who Continued to Live as Harry Potter and Actually Could Not Really Escape It Ever

@celeec4@twitter Likewise. I've never had anyone say anything awful to me in person*, and I was lucky to have extraordinary support all the way through. That's doubtless due to the places i've gone to school and the people I've chosen to work with. But I HAVE had some weird experiences being hit on at conferences, and I know people who've had even weirder ones.

*(other than one random female high school teacher who, when I was doing outreach in graduate school, informed me that the boys in her class "are just better at science." Steam started coming out of my ears, because SHE'S TELLING HER STUDENTS THAT).

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On "The sexual narratives we absorb in youth are formidable, formative": What's Your All-Time Most Erotic Book?

@Courtney Jenkins@facebook I'm rereading them now, and they're just as sex-positive and genuinely feminist as I remembered. What a good choice 12-year-old me made.

In other news: George Cooper, amirite?

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On What Is Most Millennial?

You know what I miss? Wrath Of The Gods. Now that was a game.

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On How Many Words Could You Read Aloud While Climaxing?

FWIW here are Stoya's thoughts on the project.

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On How Many Words Could You Read Aloud While Climaxing?

I've only seen Stoya's so far, but I'm really surprised to find that some folks object so strongly to the concept. It's not like these are random women who just wanted to read a book and are being assaulted — they're folks who very consciously chose to come in and record themselves to film as they have an orgasm. Why on earth would they feel violated? It's porn-as-art rather than porn-as-porn, but it's definitely porn. Happy porn. Plus books.

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@loren smith the thing is, it would be SO easy to rewrite this exact piece without the "if only I had a boyfriend to do this for me" tone — it's a find-and-delete of gender stereotypes away from being a lighthearted comedy. You could 100% write in "called the best person for the job," even if that person happens to be a dude; you're totally right. The thing that makes me uncomfortable with this piece is the implicit (actually, kind of explicit) statement that men are by default more competent with tools.

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

@wee_ramekin It's absolutely not the ignorance that's a problem — lots of people never learn how to use tools! And I appreciate that she read the instructions and tried to actually do it on her own. But It's the WHERE IS MAN ONLY MAN CAN DO THIS basis of the whole joke that I find distressing. Surely she has some remotely competent lady friends, and even heavy lifting works just fine with two tiny people.

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