By Lyssachelle on Friday Open Thread

@Briar Can I recommend Hal Sparks? I found his "Charmageddon" ridiculously funny and I developed a crush on him, even after wanting to punch him on Queer As Folk. (But this is his only stand-up I've heard, so someone let me know if that's not true...)

And there's always pretty much any Eddie Izzard, super smart and hilarious. And stylish,of course, as he IS an Executive Transvestite.

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By Decca on Friday Open Thread

Last week I was complaining about feeling like I'd no friends in this new city. Well! This week I joined a queer theory reading group full of fun, smart and chatty people, went to the pub with a different group of equally fun people, I'm about to leave to go to a party now, and tomorrow I'm going on a countryside ramble with a girl I went on an OKC friend-date with and all her friends. Success!

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By Jane Err on Friday Open Thread

@JadedStone Werewolf Barmitzvah by Tracy Jordan, even though I only know the one part because I'm pretty sure that's all that exists. BUT, this is where the best music site ever comes in handy:


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By stonefruit on Friday Open Thread

@JessAndNo I recently learned that when people with allergies have those dark circles under their eyes, doctors call them "allergy shiners."

Allergy shiners!

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By leonstj on "Let’s enjoy a cookie."

@Reginal T. Squirge - Why does something tell me that this is anti-Billy Joel?

I'm aware of the fact that nobody thinks he's good. But I love Billy Joel. And not in a Chuck Klosterman, "oh, glass houses has a lot of songs nobody knows which are awesome," kind of way. I unironically legit love the shit out of mainstream, cheesy, stupid Billy Joel songs. Well, I hate "We Didn't Start the Fire". But "Movin' Out"? "She's Always A Woman"? "Just The Way You Are"? I love them.

I love corny stupid shit. It is the best. The first time I had a crush on some girl in middle school I learned to play Elton John's "Your Song" on the piano, because I have been absurdly corny my entire life. And I slay parties when I DJ, because deep down inside, so is everyone else - most people won't admit it though.

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By Nicole Cliffe on Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

My dad stayed home with my brother and I, and people gave him such shit. But he would just roll his eyes at them and continue to change us / buy groceries / push swings / put on hats like a boss.

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By anachronistique on "Let’s enjoy a cookie."

@Decca Electronic binders full of women.

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By Decca on Friday Open Thread

@Decca Oh, and I also started 50 Shades of Grey for my bookclub, and having quite a fun time writing "lol" and "nope" in the margins.

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By Decca on Friday Open Thread

We held our first Dublin Pin-Up and it wasn't awkward or weird at all!

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By Nicole Cliffe on Spoiler-Free Meditations on Last Night's The Newsroom

Better than present-day Family Guy. Not better than the Family Guy where they tour the brewery. Never better than 30 Rock.

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