On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With NPR's Linda Holmes

I came to the Hairpin via a recommendation via Linda on PCHH too! Come to think of it, that podcast has led to me towards most of the culture I enjoy. Perfect synchronicity.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lasso tabasco I love the typo - makes me think of an Oscar Wilde/19th c. libertine-type with a cigarillo "I am *quite* smoking right now"

Seriously though, well done on quitting, it's not easy but sooo sooo soooo worth it :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@rallisaurus What?! He is a Bad Archivist, got his shit in the strongroom (to the tune of 'Bad Babysitter' by Peaches)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Gulf of Finland Well done! That is a fabulous achievement! Did you take part in a focused anxiety treatment programme by any chance? The mention of anxiety being 'an 8' was familiar to me. If so, I'm genuinely delighted for you that it has helped you so much :)

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On Sex and the Dystopia

It was flawed, but I'll always defend it for its moving moments and its humour. One of my favourite moments was Charlotte frantically and defensively yelling 'I choose my choice! I choose my choice!' when her friends gently suggest that giving up her job for her husband mightn't be the best idea in the world. It's hilarious and sad at the same time, and so real - I've seen so many women (including myself) try and justify a decision that they know in their hearts is being made for the wrong reasons.

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On All the Emojis, Drawn

@parallel-lines I can never thank you enough for this discovery...

Also it's fun to try it in the different dialects. My favourite is smiley poo in Australian English

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On All the Emojis, Drawn

@parallel-lines HOW DO YOU DO THIS I MUST KNOW

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On The Dropped-Ball Generation

There is always cake! :)

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On The Dropped-Ball Generation

Ugh, I really admire everyone who can look at the current situation with humour despite debt/job insecurity/all the other horrible stuff. It just makes me intensely depressed. I made lots of stupid decisions and avoided growing up in my 20s due to depression and other things and now I'm at a position where I genuinely fear I will never actually be able to get a job. Of any kind. Never mind a house or family, just the job seems completely impossible.

I think the sudden, abrupt change in tone between the 80s/90s and now is really disturbing. I had my own problems growing up, but the dominant cultural narrative was the kind of post-Cold War optimism described by AHP in her article about Star Trek: TNG a while back, where things were kinda unpredictable and scary, but there were exciting technological developments happening, the world was changing and opening out and there seemed to be a future. As time passed - even before the recession, I'd date it as being roughly post 9/11 - that changed to a kind of default cynicism, where wanting a decent career at something interesting is laughable naivete, everyone has to be a slave to their employer who in turn is a slave to the company's shareholders, money is the only thing that matters, countries destroy each other for resources and power and any kind of collective action seems pointless and has no effect. I could (almost) take the economic shitfest if it wasn't for the accompanying world of negativity, snarkiness and cynicism, and the assumption that there is No Place for those who can't work super-fast, super efficiently and *all* the time. I don't know where exactly the negative voices are coming from, especially when many of my peers and people like you guys are so funny and positive, but it's loud and overwhelming all the same.

Obviously I'm not *quite* so self-absorbed to feel like the recession happened AT me, but I have to laugh bitterly at the years I spent flailing, panicking that I couldn't engage in the 'real world' and didn't know what I wanted to do in it anyway, only for the 'real world' to quickly and abruptly close for business. Nothing will enhance a depression more than hearing the world tell you 'Sorry, you're not wanted here'.

Ugh that is a bit self indulgent. Sorry. But I can't be the only one who genuinely gets hide-in-bed depressed about the present time.

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On The Dropped-Ball Generation

@Countess Maritza I hear ya, though instead of getting angry like I should I just take all that stuff to heart and feel as though whatever I'm doing is not worth it and a waste of time....which is why I'm failing my third attempt at getting a career-based postgrad.... :(

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