On No Theoryheads Allowed: My 2000s & Wayne Koestenbaum

"It felt like every guy who’d ever mansplained me, only he was French and using words that no one—not even SAT tests—ever used" encapsulates my first experience with film theory (coming from the same close analysis / history background), in a text book chapter I read in preparation for my MA, dictionary at hand. This ended up with me throwing the book across the kitchen in frustration shouting "These words not not even in the f-ing dictionary". For years theory was "made up words" to me.

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

Everyone needs to be careful to read the piece through the usual Daily Mail filter which recognises that it historically edits and heavily rewrites first person pieces to make the subject out to be a horrendous person.

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On "A Fairy Tale Is Not a Text"

We should also add Marina Warner's excellent books on fairy tales


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On The Agony and the Ecstasy of Michael Sheen's Eyeballs

@Anne Helen Petersen They do seem super cute together. Plus he's so smart and funny.

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On Red Lentil and Sriracha Soup

As I am an obsessive consumer of chipotle I do a version of this with chipotle sauce and lime and no curry/turmeric

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On Man Angry, Potentially Violent

I am loving that this event has led to Pinners being introduced to the wonder of Paxman!

(also, in further UK TV / Hairpin interests, a show about Tiny Houses starts on C4 tonight!!)

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On Oh, Pandora. Where Art Thou?

Until I read Adrian Mole I thought the Falklands _were_ off the coast of Scotland. I was young.

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On The Sixteenth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

@Fayebelline WHAT?! I in no way dissed Company, I would NEVER diss Company - it is my favourite Sondheim! I noted that I was a bad fan of musicals as I'd never seen PL in anything but that - the filmed concert version finally made it over to the UK the other month, finally.

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On The Sixteenth Generic Broadway Friday Afternoon Post

Wow, that really is some effortless singing there! Just tossing off those amazing notes! Had only ever heard her do Company before (bad musicals fan!) But I do really like the Sutton Foster one, as that's superfun too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qo6lPifGnGA

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On Really Good Books About First Ladies: Part One

@bonnbee I totally felt the same way. Alice was awesome and i couldn't understand the appeal. And I did love the book until the last 1/3 when I just couldn't take it.

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