On Other Bosom Committee ISO Rhyming Nickname

@WaityKatie Just from my cursory reading of the comments section of this site, you always seem to have the most sour opinion on everything. Lighten up. I recall one day working at VS when a 17 year old girl with the most magnificent rack and itsy bitsy waist came in and we had no bras that would fit her at all and she burst into tears because all she wanted was to have a cute 'PINK' brand bra like every other girl in the soccer locker room and there was nothing we could order her from the catalog, the size just didn't exist. I told her mom to take her to Nordstrom but man did we all feel bad for hours. It's not as uncommon as you think.

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On Ask a Debt Collector

Mr./Ms. Debt Collector, have you read 'Debt the first 5000 years' by David Graeber? I admit I'm only partway through (it's basically a paper brick)but it really is interesting how the notion of debt is tied up with cultural aspects. Maybe if you want to get more philosophical re: work?

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On The Househusband

I don't really get how this article is about the 'end of men.' I mean, this sounds like the end of careers in a certain industry. And in that town/area, only men were encouraged to have careers (a set of expertise in textiles or engineering) and they were the ones left out while women were more flexible, not having invested heavily in education and long careers.

So what happens in the next recession if say...health care is taken over by robots(unlikely, not but not totally far fetched)? Will we talk about the end of women when nursing degrees become useless? I mean, there are so many female law students and graduates, and we all know about the hollowing out of the law. When men and women become more equal, we'll be equally vulnerable to this particular problem.

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On What Azaria Chamberlain Taught Us

Ehhh, while it's horrifying that justice was not done properly in this case, I decline to get on the bandwagon of condemning the human impulse to be wary of people who don't display 'normal' emotional responses. We are social creatures and people who can't get with social living usually muck up the works by not sharing/cooperating or by hurting/murdering other people. Of course instincts aren't always right, which is why the legal process is meant to adhere to certain standards. They are useful though.

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On Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)


I'm also irked by this. Why do they need to do production in one of the most expensive places on earth? You don't even have to go to bumfuck Alaska! Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Austin, etc. are all cool cities with fashion culture but are cheaper than NYC.

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On Who Wouldn't Want to Touch Her Feet?

I also felt weird reading that sentence, then realized I wouldn't have if the woman was referring to piano playing or taxes or being a veterinarian. Aren't we placing nail salons in a different category if this compliment is strange to us?

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On Will the Real Dan Lee Please Stand Up?

OMG, Kpop anti drama is bleeding into my everyday reading. Sooo crazyyy

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On O.B. Ups the Ante

Leaving aside the judgy tone of your post, do all the people who use non-applicator tampons just have REALLY light flows? Not to get too graphic, but even with the applicator I come out of bathroom stalls looking like I just stabbed someone.

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On Where (My) Girls At?

The thing is, that you could have that excuse for a lot of shows. I mean, the more mainstream sitcoms and so on seem to be getting better at ticking off boxes, if not getting better in terms of being entertainment. But every 'breakthrough' show out there could have some sort of excuse. Oh it's not what the writer 'knows,' it's the era the show is depicting, it's the source material, the person just brought in all their showbiz friends, it's meant to only show one subset of people, it's ironic, etc., etc. It could go on forever. Lena Dunham isn't personally responsible for this problem, but when yet another show you like goes the same way, it's disappointing and people should feel free to talk about how disappointing it is.

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On Where (My) Girls At?

Exactly. This show perfectly encapsulated for me the friends of friends who live in San Francisco who are trying to 'make it' and are fun to hang with but have shocked faces when it comes out that someone decided to move to Oakland. (Oh the horror! Isn't it sketchy and violent?)

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