On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

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On Brain Trouble

@autumng I had jaw surgery when I turned 18 because of an open bite (was misdiagnosed as TMJ for about 5 years) that caused chronic migraines. Best $40,000 my parents' insurance ever spent. No more migraines until I developed food allergies, and at least I can control those through diets.

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On Brain Trouble

About a year and a half ago I realized that I'd been regularly getting migraines for about six months, but up till that point if you'd asked me if I got migraines I'd have said no. Luckily my migraines turned out to be a symptom of my food allergies and are controlled with diet. But I still feel (felt) your pain.

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On Today I Will Go To Chipotle for Lunch

@Internet Magpie It's actually extremely simple, which is probably why it tastes so good. Take about 5 ripe avocados, a fresh jalapeno, half of fresh red onion, fresh cilantro, some fresh-squeezed lime juice and a little bit of salt. Dice the jalapeno and red onion (keep em the same size) and finely cute the cilantro. Dump it all in a big bowl and scoop in your avocados, squeeze the lime juice and sprinkle a little salt (a pinch maybe?) and mash it all together until it's delicious.

You can make your own chips too. Take corn tortillas and fry or bake them if you're fry-averse, and then when they're done toss them in salt and lemon juice.

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On Today I Will Go To Chipotle for Lunch

@Internet Magpie They have lime juice and salt sprinkled on them (sister works there). Also I now have the secret of making their guacamole.

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On Today I Will Go To Chipotle for Lunch

@mayonegg I always get a salad too because I'm allergic to all of the wraps, and since I'm ALSO allergic to the dressing, I just get double mild on it and it mixes with the sour cream to become a delicious dressing, actually.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

I have 3 cousins who are adopted, and as far as we're all concerned they're definitely "real" family, whatever that is. We all grew up fighting the same and loving the same and being too much in each others' business and it's wonderful. I know I'm forever grateful that their mothers were willing to entrust them to someone else's care.

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

@cminor I also love traveling, and I do enjoy reading some other people's travelogues/blogs/interviews. I don't think the tone of the travel articles here has ever quite been a match for me though. It just doesn't jibe with the way I feel when I'm traveling.

Like I said though, I recognize that I'm in the minority here, which is why I just don't force myself to read them. To each his own, in my book.

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

@SarcasticFringehead I can't stand the "Alone in..." series. But I figure I'm probably in the minority there, so I just let my lack of pageviews speak for themselves.

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On Ask the Non-Squalid

@highjump Yes.

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