By olivebee on Breaking News Round-Up

@MilesofMountains I've run into that same problem before - trying to explain to someone why it's so good. It's difficult to put your finger on because it's an amalgam of factors that all work together seamlessly. I guess I'd start with the fact that you care so much about nearly every character (good and bad) because the characters are extremely well-written and even better acted. I mean, for as little as Art, Tim, and Rachel are on screen, I am delighted every time they speak.

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By conniving little shit on D Average

@litothela i think weather and safety-wise it's pretty much perfect, but socially/culturally... not so much. i feel like i'm bringing the ambiance of this thread down but it's important to think of hawaii as a Real Place with its own problems, rather than some imagined paradise.

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By TheclaAndTheSeals on Unnecessarily Cruel Identifiers for Upcoming Trend Pieces

@leon s My dude has a crossbow on his Amazon wish list. Let's discuss THAT phenomenon, New York Times.

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By ironhoneybee on The 'Walking Dead' Diaries

@Derbel McDillet Agreed. Give Boyd time, BornSecular. Give him the time he needs.

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By R&RKD on The 'Walking Dead' Diaries

Oooh, this reminds of a much more depressing piece from 2009. In case funny isn't your style.

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By frigwiggin on Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

Parties! Terrifying! I mean, this is all beautiful advice, but the idea of hosting a party is still alarming to me. Then again, my house is a sty and the cat spent last night throwing up (ALL OVER THE HOUSE) bits of beef fat that she stole off a plate.

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By area@twitter on Texts From the American Girls

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Not a huge Pats fan, but I like thinking of Tom Brady hiding in a swamp like a noble ruffian. Mud smeared on his cheeks like eyeblack. EDITED TO ADD: in this scenario Tim Tebow is obviously the evil Redcoat and Rex Ryan is his blustering obnoxious CO who drinks too much mead.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on How to Train for a Half Marathon and Somehow Still Gain Weight

@Nicole Cliffe "Eat a horse heart, don't throw it up, burn a witch, be nonflammable, ride a dragon, eat fresh fruit while being bathed by servants, never look back at the risk of getting lost."

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By Nicole Cliffe on How to Train for a Half Marathon and Somehow Still Gain Weight

@Nicole Cliffe I feel like I should write a "Dothraki Diet" book, which would just be "ride horses, eat way more meat than recommended, throw rocks during sex, see what happens to your body and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway, like take back the iron throne."

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