On Big Lesbian Feelings, Fearful Mothers, and Proper Pronouns

Queer Chick book!!!!!

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On A Conversation Amongst Me, Taylor Swift, and Langston Hughes, About Being 22

Langston, you can't just tell people that they're white...

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On "A Random Man Has Life Advice"

Ok but where do we get the Women Assembling Shofar?

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On Not Like Most Girls

Oh man I was exactly like the first half of this when I was 16.

I am now a normal human with fingers.

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On I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

I just got married and tried so hard to be the laid back bride and OH GOD IT'S TOO REAL

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On I Didn't Like Boyhood and I'm All Alone

I have not seen it, but I am the only one among my friends with no desire to! It looks sorta boring! Solidarity.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Hitch

@John Donohue She addressed a few of those above, like so. "There have been ensemble rom coms, like Think Like a Man, and Think Like a Man Too, and there have been movies like The Best Man Holiday, which are produced and distributed outside of the mainstream (that is, they are made outside of major studios and released in limited numbers of theaters)."

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Hitch

This was fantastic. Also let's all get together and watch the Bollywood remake http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partner_(2007_film)

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On On Radical Feminism vs Letting a Trans Person Be

@jfruh It also seems like reaaaaaaally mixing up gender identity with gender expression.

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On Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

@Joolia Maybe, but I doubt a woman would be in the position of asking a man's father for permission to propose.

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