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Obviously keep asking and pressuring your local salons to do well by their employees, but if you're in NYC and need a manicure and don't feel like calling 50 places and asking about their tipping policies, Racked has a list http://ny.racked.com/2015/5/11/8586063/nyc-nail-salons-ethics

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On What's Happening With My Nails?

My nails now have two different colored layers of chipped nailpolish on them. I couldn't get the first layer off because I bought non-acetone nailpolish remover in an effort to ~*remove the tOxiNs from my life*`` and so I couldn't get it off and I just painted a new layer over it. USE CHEMICALS, DAMMIT.

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@Jazmine Hughes after you abandoned

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On The Ultimate Guide To Wearing A Jumpsuit

@Jolie Kerr My mission is to find your soul's jumpsuit. It will happen.

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On Wanksy is the Only Artist in 2015 That Matters; Long Live Wanksy

My hero

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On We Are Watching Vin Diesel's Acting Debut

@Jolie Kerr you understand me

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On Come Be Obsessed With Coming To America

@Jolie Kerr OH MY GOD I forgot about that ahhhhhh this is amazing

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On Black Honey and Me

@Jolie Kerr IIIIIII'm every ethnicity / it's all in meeeeeeee

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On Let's Talk About Friendship

@ladyjane I feel a bit in your boat. I'm married, but even before that I had a busy career and lots of friends spread out across my city, and a strong need for quiet time to myself. I'm constantly making myself feel guilty for having a night in, because I know I could use it to see someone, but then I just go weeks with plans every night and drive myself crazy. It might be good to get ahead of this, and just tell her that you know your life is a bit hectic but that you still love her and care about her, even if you don't get to see each other all the time. Maybe knowing that will calm her down a bit, or at least open up a conversation.

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On Man Uses Internet

Salman Rushdie accidentally tweeting his Google searches

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