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On Explanations

Which kind of clarifies what baffles me about this piece! It's like ... this is remedial Genders Studies stuff, not even 101 level, and most of the ladies here, simply by virtue of who we are (ladies, more or less geeky, on the internet) are writing our theses on the subject. So we're all sitting around awkwardly, shuffling our papers and going "Uh, are we even in the right classroom?"

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On Explanations

@stuffisthings and @Absurd Bird

Oh. My. God. Thank you SO MUCH for posting that, because I really, really needed to frickin' see it. It's perfect, much like, well, all of Shortpacked! the comic is, in regards to pretty much the same area.

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On Explanations

@Absurd Bird Yes, I feel like that would actually be the ideal place for it, bafflingly. Why it wasn't posted there is a mystery. Could it have been turned down, and offered to the 'Pin instead?

@Gulf of Finland Yeah, the reward for being a decent person is simply, you Are A Decent Person. One of the more frustrating parts of dealing with privileged allies is the outstretched hands, waiting for their cookies, for no longing hating or wishing to disenfranchise you.

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On Explanations

@Gulf of Finland Yeah, my first reaction upon finishing it was, "Yes, we know...?" I mean, it's nice to see that one guy has experienced some self-awareness, and this is a discourse that needs to happen on the internet, but on the Hairpin? What are we going to be able to do with this information? Hugs and cookies all round, I guess, and those little plastic cups of lemonade?

How about a thought experiment. How about we imagine posting this to Reddit, instead? No cookies there, but perhaps more actual impact with the intended audience?

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

@fabel I can't believe no one has suggested "janky"! Pretty sure it derives from "junk", but sounds so much better. You can use it straight "ugh, my car is so janky" or with things appended "I hate my jank-ass phone". Good for all situations, and totes hip.

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

@Tulletilsynet I wish it were actually that easy! I wish systematic change could be enacted only through verbal prohibition, like a magic made of silence instead of words. Although even if that were so people would still find it too difficult to bother doing.

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On Yo, Is This Racist?

@frigwiggin Yes, a thousand times yes, thank you for explaining everything I hate about that song, you are brilliant and should write a musical a win a tony for it.

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On The Bestworst Guy

@Mila Perhaps it's not so much that they are bad, as they are so charismatic they can get away with not being good? So they don't bother. /speculation

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On Okay, Who's Refusing to Take Michael Wolff's Reservations?

@englishmajor !! Why is this not already a hairpin article that I am reading right now?! You should get paid for it at least as much as Wolff did for that excrescence.

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On Leaving Westboro Baptist: An Interview

@Countess Maritza Just point any angry/confused atheists at the blog of Fred Clark aka the Slacktivist. He is one of the reasons I (ex-fundie atheist, still occasionally angry but I'm working on it) have any faith in the goodness of Christians. He is just a brilliant writer and all around good person.

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