On I Mounted a Fox: An Interview with Allis Markham

Cats are the things I warn my students about.

You and me both, sister. You and me both.

(I loved this. I am going to spend the next hour or so seething at your life with jealousy.)

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On A Song of Spice and Fire

Perfect Thing Is Perfect.

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On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

today marks the last day that this is *not* a Danny DeVito fanfic website, but for job security, I promise to read all of your submissions anyway. I also accept all unsolicited photos of dogs.

I can tell you one thing, you're my new favorite person on the internet that's for sure.

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On Some of the Psychics I Have Been To

I still need to do a reading for you and also kidnap you and squire you away to Salem over Hallowe'en weekend to go to the psychic fair. In the meantime, maybe we should just go to a candle carving class at Enchantments because I'm dyingggggggg to do that.

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On #TBT To That Time We Almost Had It All

For funsies, Michelle, you should bring some Land O Lakes butter into the office to see if you can elicit a "GET YOUR GARBAGE BUTTER OUT OF MY MOUTH" from Choire. Oh man, nothing makes me happier than when Choire goes into a GARBAGE BUTTER rage.

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On Playing the Lexical Field

@Meredith Haggerty@facebook These are perfect.

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On Playing the Lexical Field

May I request a complete accounting of your Google Alerts, Meredith?

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On Just Keep Livin', (Livin' = Wearing a Fanny Pack Without Apologies)

I got a fanny pack full of glue products shipped to me at Jezebel and it was pretty much the best thing that happened to me during my tenure at Jezebel.

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On An Important Conversation about Choices and Business

Casual capes yessssssss

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On A Very Garfunkel and Oates Hello


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