On Friday Open Thread

@Ellie i had both removed at 30, and it was definitely the most miserable experience of my life. that said, i would do it again in a heartbeat. i had chronic tonsillitis, and was constantly coming down with strep and often an ear infection as well. to add to the fun, i can't take penicillin, so i always ended up on a z-pack (effective, but very unkind to my poor insides). since having the tonsils removed, i hardly ever get sick and my energy level is so much better.

definitely make sure they give you liquid painkillers. i couldn't swallow anything remotely solid for a good 2 weeks plus. i also highly recommend an anti-nausea drug. they gave me promethazine, which is great because it will also make you sleepy. the downside is that you have to shove it up your ass. every rose has its thorn.

make sure they are cool with giving you refills if necessary. i had extremely painful referred pain in my ears/side of my face when the scabs were sloughing off my throat, and i would wake up in the middle of the night frantic, sweating and clammy from pain. i had to get a refill on my liquid percocet, and my doctor was awesome about it. staying on top of the pain control is really important.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Will

@j-i-a i didn't have sex until my (late) 20s, and yeah, childhood trauma definitely played a big part (although being sexually assaulted later on did not help either). i was totally tortured verbally by guys throughout most of my adolescence (constantly told how weird i was, how ugly, etc), and to this day it affects the way i am around men. i have been told i don't look very approachable, and i'm sure some of that is from years of trying to muster up my best "leave me the fuck alone" vibes. i also have a really hard time with positive attention--i feel like they must be laughing at me behind my back.

i really wish i could just let it go, because it for sure has negatively impacted my relationships. i recently broke up with someone i truly loved and cared for, and a large part of it was my difficulties in allowing myself to be vulnerable and my uneasiness with sex. i have a really, really hard time trusting people, and of course this makes sex difficult for me as it is pretty much the ultimate in vulnerability. and years of being told how ugly you are doesn't do much for your body confidence.

sorry to be so gloom and doom, but i have been doing a lot of soul searching about this lately, as well as really missing the ex. he is a great person, and i still feel badly for shutting him out the way i did. to quote cher, "if i could turn back tiiiiiiiime"...

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On On Bruises

add me to the "bruises easily" list. one of my best involved tripping while running and landing with my full weight on my knees. oh the pain/humiliation (because of course, this happened in a crowded park.) the bruises covered my entire kneecap on each leg (in addition to ripping off a bunch of skin) and took weeks to fade. sadly, this is just one incident in a series of stupid ways i have injured myself. i am not so graceful.

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On Anonymous Drinking Stories

my two most memorable drunken escapades from many years ago:
1) my 21st birthday. i was determined NOT to get crazy drunk, but my friend plied me with long islands. the night ended with me vomiting out the passenger side window as we drove down santa monica boulevard. he later told me, "it's like you were evita, only instead of money it was vomit".

2) same friend left me in the back seat of my car in a parking lot one night. i was unable to drive and he wouldn't take me back to his place because he still lived with his (very religious) parents, who didn't know he drank. i woke up the next morning, totally disoriented, and totally freaked out when i looked out the window and did not see my car. "shit!" i thought. "someone stole my car!" and then, it dawned on me: i was in my car. oh, the shame spiral.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Marlene Dietrich, Femme Fatale


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On The Horse, Explained

horses are amazing, and amazingly expensive. i tell any friends who are thinking of getting their kids riding lessons or starting riding themselves to practice lighting their money on fire. haha. but whatever, my horses are awesome and they make me so happy, so it's money well spent.

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On How Murder Ballads Helped

i also love a good murder ballad. one of my all-time favorites would have to be "henry lee" performed by pj harvey and nick cave. do watch the video--it is so awesome. <3 pj! (and nick cave, too)


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On The Mystery of the Barkley Marathon

i would love to run an ultramarathon some day. and running on trails is way more fun than running on the street! it's such a huge time commitment to train for something like that, though. this year i am settling for traveling to iceland to run in the reykjavik half marathon. can't wait!

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On The Songs of Pure Moods

"sadeness part 1" makes me have flashbacks of julian sands banging some girl while a limbless sherilyn fenn watches. good times.

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On The Best Time I Ate So Many Cookies I Went to the Hospital

i had my tonsils out recently (definitely a way awesome surgery at age 30), and spent two weeks in a completely fucked-up haze. i couldn't really eat anything and was in a tremendous amount of pain, and pretty much all i ingested during that time was pedialyte freezer pops and liquid percocet (went through two bottles, plus some pills towards the end when i could actually swallow). to add insult to injury, i had to shove the anti-nausea drugs they gave me up my ass since i couldn't swallow any pills at first. on the bright side, the anti-nausea stuff intensified the effect of the narcotics, so i slept a lot.

when they were wheeling me into the o.r. before my surgery, they gave me something that made me totally loopy. i remember staring out the window while they were getting me set up. the last thing i remember saying is, "look at that tree. it's so...weird." fun times!

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