By MagentaGalaxy on The Cheap Wine Report

@oh! valencia ugh, yes, draconian canadian wine prices. though if i could get $4 bottles of gato negro i would almost for sure be drinking all the wine all the time. anyway, i recently found a $13 magnum that is actually tasty! i forget the brand so this is not helpful, but after i go to the lcbo later i will update you!

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By Scandyhoovian on The Cheap Wine Report

@rosaline I also tend to pick wine based on the label! I figure between $10 and $14 is an acceptable price point for me and if I go above that it goes in the "fancy stash" for special occasions (which can include "I got Thor on DVD" so let's not pretend I'm living large or anything).

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By TheLetterL on The Cheap Wine Report

I recently bought a bottle of wine because it had a picture of a giant pancake stomping helpless citizens, Godzilla-style. Or maybe it was supposed to be a white grape. It tasted like...fine. *shrug*

Clearly, we are destined to be drinking partners.

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By Statham on Friday Open Thread

@owlegg Sure! I've also watched it recently. :]

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By Statham on Friday Open Thread

@paper bag princess It is my default face for impressing people who I want things from. Like a job.

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By baked bean on Selections from Taco Bell's New "Millennial Menu"

@Loose Seal Hahaha when I started reading this I thought it was a spam post at first... "I literally lost 10 pounds by singing up for blahblah"

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By testingwithfire on The AARP Pie

@Judith Slutler Whole Foods is particularly diabolical with their Muzak with regard to people in my age bracket. Playing Billboard's biggest from when you were in eighth grade - one after the other - is just evil genius. But I'm on to them HAHAHAHA (oh, wait, I keep going back in and BUYING THINGS)

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By redheaded&crazy on A Call for Food Art About the News

what CAN'T I do with a potato and the news coming out of toronto ...

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By fondue with cheddar on Friday Open Thread

@martinipie OH SHIT, I totally forgot. Well now I'm extra glad for AD!

Jamie Lannister: I'M A MONSTERRRR!

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By Jinxie on Friday Open Thread

@owlegg ACK

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