On Ask a (Terrifyingly) Clean Person: Oozing Gourds, Glue Mishaps and Food Coloring Woes

Jolie, I have a crazy NYC story for you that will make your clean person heart proud.
Last week, I was walking down 1st Avenue in the East Village and a homeless youth randomly slapped my back with a handful of paint someone was using to paint a building nearby. So I was left with a bright blue handprint on a beautiful green merino wool sweater. So I rushed into the first dry cleaner I found who told me I was too late to make any pick ups in the area and I knew that once a stain set it would be much harder to get out.
So I rushed home, gently ran water through the painted area trying to remove some of the stain. Not much success. I couldn't figure out what type of paint it was and as a last resort, put it into the washer on knits, cold with minimal detergent.
By some miracle, 30 minutes later, the paint was gone, the sweater was intact and after a night of air drying, good as new.

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On A Month Alone In: Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand

I'm heading with a friend to Koh Lanta in a few weeks, any things we can't miss?

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On Qupcakes

All I can think of is that Qream is something to treat "Feminine itch" or a yeast infection.

"Honey, can you go pick up some milk, bread and a tube of Qream? I'm really hurting here."

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