A lady who doesn't know what she is doing but is open to the experience of figuring it out. Recently got a creative writing degree, now saving money to get a Master's of Library Information Science. その前、私の選考は日本語だったから、話せます。変な文法を見込んで下さい・・と、ごめんなさい。 *A*;

On The Best Time My Sister and I Got Kicked Out of Rugged Sleepaway Camp

Man, I so wish I could've done that. My family couldn't afford anything but the most basic of summer daycares set up at an elementary school until I basically decided I was old enough to be on my own/was too embarrassed to be there at my age and started walking home as soon as they left.

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On Friday Open Thread

I finished the base of the blanket I'm making for my boyfriend (he thinks it's for my grandmother). It's crochet, 9.5'x6', and took four months. Almost done with it~

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On Friday Open Thread

@Kulojam "Get Rid Of Your Man, Seriously, He Is Revolting/A Dud," a new article by Kulojam. Alternate title: "He Could At Least Make A Gesture Because This Is Clearly Important To Me."

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie It pretty much was. The person who tipped me in pork chops is a 94-year-old Italian woman whose grandson (or grand-nephew?) is some sort of famous trumpet player, and her brother just broke his ankle so she's been making all his meals for the past three or four weeks. Lucky bum.

@adorable-eggplant Aahh, thank you so much for the advice and encouragement! I really appreciate it. It's hard to hold my own against people from the older generation who don't understand a) how difficult it is to find an entry-level job that doesn't require 2-5 years' experience (and someone please explain to me how that's "entry level") or b) why I studied Japanese and Creative Writing rather than a physical science like structural engineering. They basically say, "so why don't you just get another job?" like it's, what, "Oh wow, I didn't think of that, what a great idea!" I'll definitely look into ALA scholarships and see if I can find someone to talk to about all of that - somehow it didn't even occur to me that ALA would even have scholarships, wow. I really wanted to go to UBC for the focus on First Nations, but because of the cost I was starting to think that was unrealistic.

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On Friday Open Thread

My boyfriend sent me flowers for Valentine's (I've never received flowers before from a boy!) and a woman I deliver to just tipped me with peppery rosemary-garlic pork chops that are delicious and well-timed. I forgot my lunch today.

These two excitements almost make up for the fact that a) I've been looking for a second job for five months now and have yet to get as far as an interview, and b) between rent, bills, and student loan repayments, I have about 2%-7% of my paycheck left over every month for silly things like gas and food.

I want to get my master's in library information science, but with $31,000 in student loans already, the thought of taking out more to go back to school is kind of.. terrifying. Thoughts?

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On Friday Open Thread

@StandardTuber My blog is lostinthedessert.tumblr.com. It's a baking blog. :D

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On The Mother of Dragons Looks Into Day School Options

@Splash do you know someone who just decided her dissertation topic involving horses?

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On First Pages of Fake Lifetime Movies: 'Parent-Teacher'

@hellosweetie are you the only water in the forest?

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On The Week of February 4 - 8

@Guns & Butter I think it might be a small tower in York? It kinda looks like one I showed my boyfriend a photo of to see if he could ID it.

I'm going to the UK in 49 days (but who's counting) to see my boyfriend for the first time in aaagesssssss and meet his mother and we'll go to York and I'll visit a friend at Oxford and we'll go see the castle Downton Abbey was filmed in and we're going to Tate and libraries and so many things and I'm going to exploooode

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On Successful and Unsuccessful Gifts for Anglophiles

@gobblegirl I am literally crying with (mostly silent) laughter. At work. This is a problem.

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