By garli on Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

@nowwhat Word. I can't do more then 15 minutes of yoga before I regret my decision to give it another shot.

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By nowwhat on Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

Yoga rage! I know that feeling.

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By Miss Maszkerádi on Photographing Marines

@Inkling uh, do you know of crimes committed by these men in the pictures specifically? Because if you don't, you don't really get to call them rapists and murderers.

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By sevanetta on Sitting and Smoking

@teenie I can only watch tv/movies on the tv with other people because I get too bored on my own, and even then I constantly talk to the tv. the little people in the box need my love, admonishment and advice!

however, books? internet? i can lose entire weeks to those.

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By catalina on Living With Your Wanderlust

I'm trying to take my nursing career global, and will be starting a doctorate program in Public Health in the fall. I have spent lots of time volunteering in a clinic in a Haitian sugarcane-workers community in the Dominican Republic over the last ten years, and have been able to travel to Haiti, Peru and Venezuela as well. A semester in Florence and family members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and London have helped me see lots of Europe. And in two weeks I am driving cross-country (Buffalo to California via Memphis, Amarillo, Phoenix, and Las Vegas). My dream job would be with an international health/human rights organization and work on health promotion and education for marginalized populations. Set your travel goals, and then try to make your life accommodate them.

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