We Are Watching Vin Diesel's Acting Debut

Just...just take twenty minutes to watch this. There is so much. I know it's called Multi-Facial but I swear it's not a porn. This is a film Vin Diesel wrote, directed and starred in in 1995, and it got him noticed by Steven Spielberg at FUCKING CANNES. It is about a young, sensitive, ethnically ambiguous actor struggling to get cast in a world where he is told his "look" is wrong for everything. He has one earring, and is concerned about coming off as a "misogynistic, homophobic guido," and you guys I am going to cry. VIN KNOWS MY STRUGGLE. VIN CONTAINS MULTITUDES.

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I am constantly thinking about how, were I to be tested now the way I was in school, there is no way I'd get into any college or honors classes because I have completely lost my capacity for being tested. My main accomplishment in life is that I will never have to take a test again. Praise hands emoji.