On Svetlana Stalin a.k.a. Svetlana Alliluyeva a.k.a Lana Peters (1926 - 2011)

@lobsterhug Carpenters are way hot! My fiance is a carpenter.. "residential contractor" I guess and I love his painty carhartts and sawdusty hair. My dad is also a carpenter and I will not comment on his hotness.

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On Japanese Teens Not Interested in Sex

ohmygod... that sushi.. that caviar! WANT! too cute, my head will explode.

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On My Case With Accutane

@whereismyrobot DO IT

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On My Case With Accutane

How timely. I have my final dermatologist appt this afternoon and this evening I'll be starting my first dose of isotretinoin (aka generic accutane). I've done the iPledge thing, had one negative preg test a month ago and will have another one today, and got my blood drawn.

I don't like this piece. Part of it is because I'm about to take this drug and I'm scared. But plenty of people have taken accutane with minimal side effects and don't regret it. Now I'm really rethinking this. shit shit.

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On Smoking: The Pros and Cons (Excluding All Health Risks)

@Nutmeg ok, forgive me for my ignorance: why would you ever tell the truth in that situation? they aren't going to, like, audit your stop n shop receipts.

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On Smoking: The Pros and Cons (Excluding All Health Risks)

The smell of smoke is obv associated with a lot of memories from childhood because everybody smoked back then. I still like the smell because it reminds me of my mom.

On the other hand, my ex used to roll his own with bali shag and I loved, loved, LOVED the smell. Very different from regular cigs.

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On Smoking: The Pros and Cons (Excluding All Health Risks)

@bananas foster dude maybe it was the sake?

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On Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Bargain Bin Edition

guys... no shit lean cuisines are unhealthy. but sometimes convenience outweighs health. and also if sticking to a diet with strict calorie counts at each meal is important to you, they are that much more convenient.

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On Lean Cuisine-A-Day: Steak Tips Portabello

What a controversy. I'm glad your crossing the picketlines of this hot topic, jane.

I'm a super poor, super busy nursing student with a full time job and I've been wanting to try lean cuisines for lunch. But I haven't because I imagine the selection is 80% miss so I'm glad you are going to pick out the good ones and tell me.

As long as you aren't eating total shit for your other meals, an occasional lean cuisine isn't going to cause breast, lung, colon and uterine cancer to simultaneously take over your body. My boyfriend cooks dinner most nights and we used to both take leftovers, but now we are trying to stretch out the meals to last a few nights and we are left to our own devices for lunch. I eat a good breakfast every morning, but sometimes I get home from class and realize that I've run out of turkey/bread and don't want to eat cheese and crackers. And unfortunately I don't have the time to whip up a burrito or something. so ty ty for doing this lean cuisine thing!

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On The New Summer's Eve Commercials

That was the most awkward/epic ad ever. WTF black lady on a boulder thrusting her baby into the sky? I felt like I was watching the beginning of Apocolypto.

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