On How to Get That Surfbort Hair

@truelove I think it IS "grainin'", but it's definitely "swerving all of this big body BENZ". This is excellent fashion advice regardless of such minor issues, though.

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy


In The Wilder Life the author has a great theory about the lavish meals in Farmer Boy and how they relate the LAURA's childhood; like @noReally points out above she had a more hardscrabble history until they got together so of course she'd be mesmerized by his stories of white sugar and pancakes. So many pancakes!

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On The Evolution of Playgirl: Reviewing Three Decades of Covers


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On Ask Baba Yaga: Will Lost Love Be Regained?

"If your heart spoils give it to a dog"

Story of my life <3

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On Interview with Maja Cule, the Artist Who Decoded "Laughing Alone with Salad"

This is WONDERFUL. I just want to devour everything about this like a healthful and delicious salad, laughing the whole way.

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On Estate Jewelry: Mystery Pearls and Secret Love Messages

Animal jewelry is always my favorite. I want eccentric mice jewelry!

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On In Search of a Better Definition of Bro

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher This is beautiful information visualization

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On Get This Look: Dining Utensils

Okay but are you really saying we're supposed to eat cake with a FORK?!? Dessert spoons or GTFO ;)

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On Welcome Home

Love this!

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On Food Art About the News

So good! I've been kicking myself for not getting an entry in by the deadline. Jim Behrle had my idea anyway, except mine was going to be an edible representation of all the videos of people reacting to the Red Wedding.

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